The Crimson Knights

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Post by Fayne Bridgewater » Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:07 am

The Crimson Knights

The Crimson Knights

Duchess of the Land: Lady Fayne
Knight of the Crimson Blade: Taylor Windslasher
Protected Lands: Oakwoodshire and Redthorn Castle ((former Kallahorn)), southern and eastern borders of Trollsbane.

Sir Taylor Windslasher
Sir Valgor Cralner
Sir Lancelet Baldwin Massaquoi
Sir Dain Laiden

Allan Bhaltair

Rogan Thorgrim

The Aim of the Knighthood - The Isle:

To protect those under our watch without question and by any means we see fit.
To pour out our blood for our brothers and, if need be, to lay down our lives to protect what we believe in.

The Aim of the Knighthood - The Knight:

To fulfill ones mission to the Codex, and to the Land.
To seek perfection, down whatever path that may lead.
To walk the path of the Grey Line to the best of our abilities.
To live our life as a Knight in a manner that others can not.
To walk the path that few can.

Belief of the Crimson Knights:

Nothing on this isle is free. To gain one must give, with blood or otherwise. We choose to walk a path in between the common beliefs in search of our own path. We walk down a trail of fire to obtain this and will live our life as we see fit.

Ranks of the Crimson Knights:

The Steel path:

I. Page(Servant of the Crimson Knights):
Once sworn as a page, one must pay his servitude to his Master. Simple tasks to prepare the page for his Squire training is all the page will do until he is ready. During the pageship, the page will do his duties in helping the Knights and Squires above him train and protect those around him or her. He is also allowed to take requests within his limitations.

II. Squire( A Knight in Training ):
Once the Page has advanced in his physical and mental capacities to take on the challenges of a Crimson Knight, the page will advance to the rank of Squire, and begin his or her rigorous training under all the Knights of the Crimson Knights, not just his or her former Master. Training as a Squire will involve both combat training as well as research amongst the god of his/her choice. During this period, the Squire will also be fitted for his armor of the Crimson Knights, and will await his or her master to be Knighted.

III. Knight:
The Epitome of the Crimson Knights. The Knights live out their lives alongside their brothers fighting for their beliefs however they see fit. They are efficient with their weapon of choice, and have sharpened their mind to a point. These Knights wear the armor of the Crimson Knights, carrying the coat of arms on their gauntlets. They represent the Knighthood and all aligned with it.

The Leadership of the Crimson Knights:

I.The Duchess of the Land: The absolute leader of the Crimson Knights. This position is either a chosen Knight to replace the Duchess in times of need, or to be occupied by the Noble chosen by The Knight of the Crimson Blade, and/or the Duchess of previous era. The Duchess oversees all actions of the Knighthood, as such, any order from the Duchess is to be obeyed without question or hesitation.

II. Knight of the Crimson Blade: The Head Knight. This Knight watches over all training of Pages and Squires. Strength is not the deciding factor of this position, but his/her tactics and leadership can not be surpassed. His abilities to lead the other knights must be exemplary. His knowledge of tactics and war will be passed down to Pages, Squires, and Knights alike.

Codex of the Crimson Knights:

I. Loyalty
--Loyalty to the Lady, the family, the land and fellow brothers above all else. We walk different paths, but our purpose is the same. To protect what we have promised to our God, any way we can. When asked to preform a task, it will be done with unquestioning vigilance and unyielding faith.

II. Pious Belief
-- One must not only be strong of the physical aspect of life, but also in ones beliefs. A warrior without virtues is an empty sword and is easily broken.

III. Honor
-- Ones honor, and the honor of the Knights must be held in the highest regard. Those found violating the honor of our Knights will be dealt with in swift manner.

IV. Brotherhood
-- Those fighting next to you, bearing our crest, are your brothers and sisters. These men and women are to protect you with thier life, as you are to them.

Laws of The Crimson Knights:

--Appendix A:
----Use of Force: Any member of the Crimson Knights can use the force they deem necessary to complete the task set forth from the Crimson Knights. Personal vendettas are to be stated and are not to be associated with the Knights and are to be handled as a person, not as a Knight. When inside a town or establishment, one must follow the laws set forth inside that town or establishment unless it interferes with the duties as a Knight.
--Appendix B:
----Criminals: Any criminal from the establishment will be pursued by the Knights unless the one under question is to come forth with his side of the story to a Knight of the Crimson Knights. As such, any town or establishment that wishes the Crimson Knights to pursue their criminals will need to send a formal request with the accusation and name and looks of the one in question.
--Appendix C:
----Training: Weapons training will be done under the orders of a Knight of the Crimson Knights. If no Knight is present, but the Squire or Page has orders to train, it will be done in accordance with the rules of the land in which he trains upon. When studying ones religion, one must be in a quiet place, in front of a symbol of your god. No belief is deemed unworthy of the Crimson Knights, and all beliefs will be treated the same.
--Appendix D:
----Threats and use of Force against the Knights: Any threat or use of force against the Crimson Knights will be dealt with unyielding vengeance. When the blood of a brother is spilled, we will take our share of blood from the aggressor.
--Appendix E:
----Approved weapons and armor: The Crimson Knights do not condone the use of any weapon. Your weapon is part of you. There no right for any Knight to look at your weapon in disgust, unless he wishes to look at you in disgust. A weapon is our soul, transformed into a form in which we readily recognize. As such, any Crimson Knight can use the weapon that he has chosen or that has chosen him.

Any wishing to swear loyalty to the Crimson Knights should seek out Lady Fayne or a Knight to speak of it personally.
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Post by Taylor » Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:51 am

Order from the Knight of the Crimson Blade

Greetings Brothers and sisters,

Our order is moving quickly, and is progressing as expected. I thank all of you for your loyalty and swiftness. I come to you with a few simple orders of buisness that need to be completed for our Order to grow further. We are in need of a Smith, as you know. Should you know any, do send them my way, so I can speak terms with any interested. Also, any who wish to join our path, I would also like to speak with, Or Lady Fayne aswell.

Squire Lance, I beseech you to search out Myself and Lady Fayne as soon as you have time.

Taylor Windslasher
Knight of the Crimson Blade

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Post by Kail Revira » Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:37 am

Greetings Crimson Knights

As you may or may not know, the Grey Rose is the Knighthood of the old tongue. I wished to join their ranks until I learned of your existence. My name is Kail Revira, son of Shane Revira, and previous squire to a Sir Harrod. I must speak with lennier (( wednesday at 8:00, 1:00 central time )) about maybe switching over my order. Even though you may not know me, I would implore you to perhaps join in some kind of league with the Grey Orders, that is to say the Grey Rose and the Grey Light. An alliance would prove valuable indeed. I have other ideas, but I am but a squire and my skills must match my tongue, so I bid you farewell and good findings. If you would please send a dove to me with a time (( please state what time zone )) that I could meet with your order, I would be pleased.

Kail Revira

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Post by Taylor » Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:39 pm

Kail of the Grey Rose,

I do know of the Knights of the Grey rose Fell. Their leader, Lennier, Is a devout follower of my god as I am. I held the gates of the Grey Rose Castle During the Lich wars beside many of it's Knights. I implore you to think wisely of your choice, But if this is truely what you want. I will welcome you with open arms, Any Squire of the Grey Rose understands our ways in a manner. I do implore you first, however, to speak with Lennier thoroughly first. The man is a true man of Malachin, one of who there are few still around, and a Great Leader. If you still wish to join after the talk with Brother Lennier, Speak with Lady Fayne.

Taylor Windslasher
Knight of the Crimson Blade

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Post by Kail Revira » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:37 pm

My Thanks,

I am not yet of the Grey Rose, though I do wish to join their ranks, I would be hindered by difficulties of speech, I thank you though, Sir.

Kail Revira

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Post by Fayne Bridgewater » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:02 am

A meeting is in the works, for the entire order and any interested in joining us. If all members would send a dove outlining a good time for you specifically, it would be appreciated. ((also include your time zone, it'll make it easier to set future meetings))

Lady Fayne
Duchess of the Crimson Knights

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Post by Fayne Bridgewater » Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:08 pm

A meeting will be held in two dwarven days ((Sunday, March 8th at 20:00 GMT)) in front of the Keep. Send a dove if you are unable to make this meeting, any considering joining are welcome to attend as well.

Lady Fayne
Duchess of the Crimson Knights

((moved to tomorrow 20:00 due to server status))

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Post by Fayne Bridgewater » Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:50 pm

Our next meeting will be ((Sunday, April 5th at 20:00 GMT)) at the keep as usual. I expect you all to be there.

Lady Fayne

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Post by Lennier » Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:41 pm

I am a bit confused about this little guild. It is still active? As much as i know the most members of the guild are still around on Gobaith. But where they are?

I should inform you about open issues with the Goverment of Troll's Bane.

Open questions are:

The keep is headquarter of the Eastmark of Trolls Bane?
The Crimson Knights as owners of the keep are inhabitants of the Eastmark of Troll's Bane?
Mister Hawkmoon is legitim Lord of the Eastmark and also of the Keep?
Troll's Bane has the right to decide about the Lord of the keep, or only the Crimson Knights?

Solve these questions in talk with Troll's Bane. I will do nothing here as long as the facts are not clearified.

~Lorian MacGintish

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Post by Hawkmoon » Fri Jun 26, 2009 2:47 pm

I have been told the Crimson Knights are inactive by a man who himself was Knight in that order - Dain Laiden. He also gave me the keys he had - three keys.

I have not met any member of the Crimson Knights for a very long time except Dain Laiden and as far as I know Dain Laiden do not think the guild or its members as active.

As far as I know the Keep is the headquarter of the Eastmark.

This is all I have and noone seem to show any kind of activity here except you, Lorian, and I. Not this far anyway.

Baron Frederick Hawkmoon of Eastmark.

((EDIT: Changed to Dain Laiden - not Dain Kain. ))

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Post by Fayne Bridgewater » Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:32 pm

*small golden eagles deliver parchments to both Lord Hawkmoon and Lady Doral*

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