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The chill of winter made Lily snuggle more into her winter coat as she made her way across the frozen land carrying a few buckets of water from the well. Soon she reached the rosy comfort of a crackling wood fire, and here she lay down the heavy buckets with a sigh of relief that released a misty cloud into the cold dry air.

At the sound of a "Crack", Lily started to just as she was beginning to thaw down by the cozy fire. "Oh! The ice has cracked.", exclaimed Lily as a glance to the thin veneer of ice floating in the water buckets confirmed her conclusion. Getting up, Lily emptied some tomatoes and cabbages into the melting water, and she began to gently wash each vegetable.

Lily hummed to a cheery tune as she unfolded the cabbage leaves to wash each leaf. The tomatoes she cut into thin slices and laid them over a fish lying in a wooden plate to marinate. Remembering Mr Xenon's delighted expression as the lizardman savored the seafood recipe she had promised to come up with for him, a smile came to her lips. "I hope the other lizard people enjoy it as much." murmured Lily as she continued to prepare this latest addition to the Snuggly Rabbit Restaurant's menu.

As Lily carefully wrapped each marinated filet of the fish with leaves of cabbage, her thoughts drifted to her dear granny from whom she had got the inspiration for this recipe. "Granny would have liked this dish. She always said wrapping meat with leaves keeps the meat juicy and tender." thought Lily a single teardrop trickling down her rounded cheeks.

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