Forget me nots

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Post by Lady Misha » Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:56 pm

Forget me nots

The sweet smell of hay wafted through the feild as she sat in Briar. She had been staring up at those white puffy clouds for at least an hour. But the time had just flown by. A breathy little snarl escapes her as she poses a question to the horizon.

He lovessss me

She says as a loud crack echos out across the plain

He lovesssss me not.

With another disruptive snapping noise

He lovessss me
He lovessss me not
He lovessss me

Each question anwsered with another loud snap before finally she looks down at the halfling and takes her hand from his mouth

What do you think?

Letting out a horrible wailing moan he looks to his hand, each and every finger limply twitching in his anguish. Clenching his jaws he lets out a tearful plea for help

Well that'ssss not very helpful at all...ssssssssk....leassst you could do issss offer an opinion...thisss isss important to me you know...

Lifting the small terrified creature up by the tattered cloth shirt she looks over him with a craggy smile

It doessssn't matter anymore I ssssuposssse...I own him now after all.

Squating down with the struggling mammal still in her tight clutches before settling a free paw on his other hand

Now then....raw or cooked?

And soon another crack is heard

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Post by Sssari » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:40 am

Across the water, and through the trees, another lizard sat alone with his thoughts, though instead of looking to the clouds, he saw only the wooden roof of Bane's lone library...

Surrounded by books, some opened, their yellow, stained pages for all to see, while others remained closed, stacked atop the table like some circular mass of monoliths and walls guarding the timid lizard. Dressed in only his tattered black pants, though much more like shorts now then anything else, he sat in the center of the circle and upon the wooden table, with his two scaled legs pushed to the side of him. A book laid directly in front of him, opened to a random page, he read from the most holy of tomes, "What is...a monk?" He chided to himself and tossed the book over the paper ring, a loud thump echoing through the empty library. No, too many times he had read that book, no longer, he thought to himself, choosing instead to open several others, one being a investigation on ancient legends and myths, another, a book of eloquent poetry collected from the mainland, and the third, strangely enough, a cook book on local dishes. The covers thrown open, he leafed through each separately, switching from book to book, with little rhythm, or logic.

Sssari's mind found it hard to focus, the events of the last few days spilling over his psyche like a waterfall over the the jagged rocks that awaited its spewed rain.

"Poiuy...." A turn of the page..."Prepare the bread by rowing the dough togeather..."

Another book, "Look to the robins, hearing the calls of their lost homes...."
"Dorrska..." He mind would not rest.

"Consider the lilies..." the book shouted at him, "Why is Sssari in dis situation?" He answered back.

Another flip of the page, more words of long dead linguists and artists jeered, "Knowledge if but a fleeting journey..." Farther down, "Death ends all our wanderings."

"Me not should be doing dis!" Sssari shouted again, the words of the book and of his mind melding into one continuous stream of thought.

"Consider the lilies..." Sssari turned his head away in disgust, his eyes settling on the older book of the trio, "Dark caves have often been known to be a gathering place for this world's darkest spirits..."

"What is Dorrska going to dink?" Sssari racked at himself, beating his forehead, "Sssari no can keep living this lie." His eyes traveled down again, a flip of the page...

"...Mermaids, a popular story of pirates and sailors, has recently come under questioning..." Sssari wiped his brow, thinking over that same segment again and again, the words not registering in his mind. "Sssari failed, he was not...should not of done eet." Scolding himself, "Sssari could...not....could not...." With a exaggerated hiss, he muttered darkly, "Ressssist."

More pages, the same books being turned, the lizard's actions and attempts at distracting himself became more and more futile, as his eyes moved from book to book, reading wildly,"Roll the dough, Consider the lilies, death is an a beginning, cut the flesh from the bone, mix, and prepare the spices, the thoughts of birds feel weightless...the depths of the oceans are often the source of such legends and stories of monsters both fantastic and terrifying..."

Sssari closed his eyes in mental anguish, griping the sides of his head, he turned, only to be greeted by the cold walls of the ring of dead men's words. His knowledge, his passage from ignorance, became his prison, and with a jolt of his legs, he broke through, landing not in a field of lilies, a bakery, or the depths of some fathomless sea, but the weathered floor of a building, nothing more.

In the chain reaction of his breakout, book toppled over from the piles, the monoliths fell, the walls crumpled...One book laid open in Sssari's view, clawing out from under the shower of papers and tomes, he was bewildered to read, "Search your soul, the answers will come about soon enough, dear Ishmael..." He closed the cover, finding the book to be unmarked, probably of no significance, or purpose otherwise, a petty novel.

Sssari, shaking, got to his feet and admired the mess he had so foolishly created, brushed himself off, and marched right on out into the midday sun, the heat beating pleasurably upon Sssari's bare scales, deep wounds now becoming apparent across his back, recent were the cuts. "Why did Sssari let tempted?" Thus was the way of that most savage lizardess' love. He gave a dry snicker and aimed his head skyward, billowing clouds filling his mind with such abstract shapes and possibilities so insane, he had to look away.

What started out as a half-hearted attempt to tame the "shrew", led Sssari to his current predicament. He was unsure as to what to make of it, Fate? Ill-judgment? The "human" condition? He did not know...But as he looked onward, his bright, hopeful eyes caught some white whisper, but a glimmer in the light. A feather wisped by in the breeze, not unlike the same that used to adorn his dead mate's body, and he knew everything would be the end...

And he considered the lilies...

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