Abandonment of Reason

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Post by abcfantasy » Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:52 pm

Abandonment of Reason

It was one evening, cold as it usually was during this time of the year, and when the winds frequently blew the chill over one's skin. Darkness had not yet engulfed the lands, as there was enough light to walk unaided by a lamp. A man in a common black coat, with its hood raised over his head, strolled calmly along the streets of Troll's Bane and eventually out of the town. With a few things packed in his bag, the man ventured into the wilderness where it was harder to see, due to the tall trees and thick shrubs.

"I had sworn to abandon the blade."

He thought, as he paced over the grass and occasional rocks. He finally found a small open space, surrounded by a few trees, and there he settled. He gathered a few logs and branches and set up a camp fire.

"But that must be withdrawn now."

After the fire was well lit and burning, he took out a few wooden bowls from his bag, as well as a bottle containing red dye and some coal stored in a small, tied pouch. He opened the small, square glass bottle and poured some red dye into one bowl. Following that, he held the bowl carefully over the burning flame to heat the dye inside.

"I have my path to follow."

After a few minutes passed, he set the warm bowl aside, grabbed a pinch of coal and dusted it over the heated dye. Finally, he shoved aside some hot ashes with a stick, and used another bowl to gather them and eventually toss them into the mixture of dye and coal, causing a faint sizzling sound.

"I trust none but my own instincts. I judge by my own perception."

He removes the cloth glove of one hand, and with that bare hand, he dipped his fingers into the mixture, grimacing a little at the feel of the heat.

"I swear upon myself..."

He lifted his hand from the bowl.

"That I will find them."

The hand approached his face, a drop of the dye falling from his finger tip.

"I will get them. I swear."

He finally pressed his finger tips against the corner of his forehead, and slid down and across his face until he reached his chin, forming four red markings...

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Post by Mairae Auvria » Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:49 pm

*After being sworn in as a Page of the Knights of Gobaith, Mairae decides to celebrate the achievement of one of her goals by training with the trolls. In unfamiliar territory trying to find where they were only having heard legends of them, she begins to walk east taking her dagger out of her belt to slice an apple and dip it in some honey she found while occaionally stopping to enjoy the view. Finally coming to the second cross, the day now in a red haze as the sun begins to set and deciding to wait for morning to fight, Mairae lays out a blanket and with her back to the cross while one sword lays by her side the other in it's sheath, closes her eyes.

Waking up abruptly not fully rested hearing the sound of a twig breaking in the distance, she stands and frowns unable to see anything but with heart pounding from excitement and knowing sleep is now far away, she turns after retrieving her sword and with a sigh begins to walk toward more familiar territory. Stopping abruptly before journey's end upon seeing a campfire Mairae takes one step at a time toward the forest opting to approach using the soft floor of the forest while staying behind trees as much as possible until she can see who is at the fire. Moving toward the man's back, still barely making a sound she again stops as she sees one hand dip in a bowl then go toward his face. Brushing one finger tracing a line of the blue marking on her own face before touching the embedded jewel she tilts her head and with an unfamiliar accent interspersed with elven speaks softly.*

You join a tribe?

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Post by Colin Smalls » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:05 pm

He had shadowed the elfess. He was not certain why, maybe it was the way she had appeared so unrelentingly suspicious of him that time. He wanted to learn more about this one, and so he shadowed her, a dark figure, cloak occasionally dimpling in the wind, his lower face covered by a silk mask, so that in the night air only his eyes could be distinctly made out.

These eyes closed whenever you looked their way, and so the gypsy stalked the elfess, dropping flat on his belly, slithering through the undergrowth, before sprinting like a cat, using shadows like a politician uses lies.

Upon seeing the campfire, his dark eyes shift curiously towards the elven lady, and he silently lowers himself into a bush about 10 metres to their left, a very light rustle created as he lies flat on his belly. His bandana flickers in the wind as he stays deadly still, the mans ears pricked, his eyes emotionless and unblinking.

He listens.

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Post by abcfantasy » Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:48 pm

The man lowered his hand very slowly after smearing the mixed dye on his face, gradually opening his eyes. He inhales deeply and exhales soon after, his shoulders lifting and lowering with his breath. Having been caught off guard, he does not realize about the presence of anyone else until he hears the lady's voice.

He jerks in a sudden fright and stands up in a quick motion, stepping further from the voice for safety. In his instinctive reaction, his boot hit the bowl, spilling the red dye over the ground. His hand slid down and beneath his unbuttoned coat, reaching for the sword that's tied to his belt.

"Who are you?"

He questioned while staying on alert, with his breath a little heavier than normal due to the agitation of the moment. His gaze darted to one side, then to the other, assuring no other presence is around. In a somewhat unfriendly voice he continues:

"I do not think my doings concern you."

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Post by Mairae Auvria » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:44 pm

*With a fluidity of movement while placing one hand on the hilt of her left sword, leaning on the same leg in order to use her good one to thrust and extend in one move, Mairae watches his hand move toward what she assumes to be a weapon concentrating totally on the man at the fire not hearing the slight rustle in the forest. Briefly glancing at the spilled bowl then back to his face only seeing some dark lines in the flickering flames of the campfire her mind not on translating the still sometimes confusing language but on his eyes. This time her accent is even more pronounced being unable to understand all his words but very aware of the man's unfriendly tone of voice and secretly admonishing herself for going to a strange campfire in the dead of night.*

[elf]I am Page[/elf] Mairae Auvria, [elf]and[/elf] you?

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Post by abcfantasy » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:58 pm

He becomes a little confused at the lady's words, though he does not show this, as his facial expression remains unchanged, strict and cautious as it was. Unsure of her words, and thus seeming to be avoiding her question, he asks:

"What do you want?"

The solemn look on his face then changes into a more curious one as he now spots the blue marking on her face, though he does not inquire about it just yet.

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Post by Mairae Auvria » Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:06 pm

*Gradually moving her hand from the hilt of the sword realizing he may be just as cautious as her, a small smile or possibly even a smirk at the irony of their exchange grows on her face. Realizing she may have been misunderstood, Mairae slowly walks toward him with only a slight limp of her left leg while taking off one glove speaking deliberately as if weighing each word.*

I am Page Mairae Auvria

*When closer to him he may notice her old dented chain armor worn with leather leggings tucked in knee high boots. Her long brown slightly tangled hair surrounds a face adorned with a dark opal jewel embedded deep in the skin of her forehead before being surrounded by the blue tattoo design. The design may also be seen on her small hand as she attempts to trace the markings on his face her curiosity apparent and with almost a whisper impossible to be heard from anyone over two steps away,*

Not tribe, it rubs off.

*The curiousity apparent in her eyes as she tilts her head slightly*


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Post by abcfantasy » Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:23 pm

As she introduces herself, he cannot help but stare for a few more moments to the markings on her forehead. He then opens his mouth, about to say something before she continues, seeming a little surprised at her last words, having not realized of his own evident curiosity with his gaze.

A short moment of silence settles between the two, and still he does not reply to her question. Instead he shrugs his shoulders slowly and questions once again,

"Symbolizing a pledge, perhaps, or is it a simple decoration?"

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Post by Mairae Auvria » Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:00 am

*Mairae pulls her hand back not touching the paint on his face but still a curious look in her eye before he begins to talk again then turning she walks toward the fire remaining silent for now. Kneeling down she takes off her other glove and holds both hands out obviously enjoying the warmth. While still facing the fire she begins to grin and finally speaks but this time in a normal tone of voice with not too many elven words mixed with common.*

Alright, I will answer one of your questions, you will answer one of mine.

*Reaching in her bag she pulls out a cloth that when unwrapped appears to be uncooked meat as she then leans over to grab a near-by long straight stick and skewers the meat. She adds an onion and an apple after removing the core with her dagger then sets two rocks on each side of the fire and places the stick on the rocks directly over the fire*

The jewels are earned with knowledge, I was going to be a

*Here she pauses as if seaching for a word in common*

book learner at one time.

*Still watching the fire yet now the meat cooking makes the flames reach higher as the juice drips, she occasionally turns the stick while the aroma coming from the cooking meat may be hard to resist. Standing up she turns to the man before taking one step back to the log *

My plans were changed, the tattoo's are for warriors.

*Appearing as if she may speak more, she abruptly stops talking and pauses looking into his eyes. With the fire now to her back he may not see much of her face but can possibly hear the curiousity in her voice.*

Why do you paint yourself?

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Post by Colin Smalls » Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:16 pm

The man with the silk purple mask lies as still as possible, his dark eyes-cold and almost mechanical in their observation, rarely remaining still. A spider crawls onto his left glove, diverting his attention for a second, but it is only a second. He switches back to the task at hand, ignoring the feeling of the creature slowly scuttling along his arm and onto his copper-skinned neck.

He tilts his neck one way, and then the other, like a reptile testing out its muscles, leaving the spider to whatever business it has. His right hand fingers an ornamental knife, his fingertips tracing the cold steel point, while a slight gust of wind ruffles his hair.

He examines the couple's mouths intently, lipreading if possible, though he usually has no need to. The man with the strange marking in particular seems rather blustery, as if he has little experience or knowledge of stealth in the bush.

He watches the elfess cook the meat, and his mouth suddenly waters, before his tongue slides over his lips, extinguishing the feeling. The spider begins to spin a web spanning his mask to his cloaked shoulder. He awaits the man's reply.

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Post by abcfantasy » Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:35 pm

Although he keeps an eye on her after his question, he seems more relaxed now, his hand having left the sword's handle from beneath his coat. A very brief chuckle escapes his lips as he watches her unroll the cloth and eventually then cooking the meat, though he does not interrupt her words.

Soon enough, as she continues speaking, he turns and bends down to reach his bag, from which he takes out a bottle of water. He remains down with his knees bent while opening the bottle and then tilting it to the side to pour some water into his hand. He places the bottle on the ground and rubs his hands together, cleaning the little paint on his fingers.

Whilst repeating the process to clean his hands, and without looking at her, he replies to her last question:

"It's a pledge that I've sworn to myself."

Before giving any chance for her to add anything, he continues:

"Do not bother inquiring further on it. Do not take any offense to my reluctance."

A short quietness follows, as he looks up through the leaves of the trees and towards the sky, then he peers towards the elven lady.

"The night is approaching. Do you usually lurk around here at this time?"

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Post by Mairae Auvria » Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:34 am

*Mairae follows the man's gaze to the leaves but instead of looking up to the sky her dark eyes travel down to the forest then narrow watching a particular area intently. For a brief moment in the gathering twilight she thought she saw a slight movement and takes one step forward yet finally with a shrug turns to face the fire lifting up the now cooked meal holding one side of the stick in her hand. Slicing a fairly large portion of meat off with her dagger and using the tip of the sharp blade Mairae holds it out toward the man at the same time speaking.*

I won't ask, we all have things we wish not to talk of [elf] He that Seeks[/elf].

*Obviously she has decided to call him something so picked an elven name*

I have been sleeping near the gnoll and may go back, but now I wait for morning to fight the troll, that is lurk?

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