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Announcements and Decrees of Trollsbane

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:46 pm
by Mr. Cromwell
*You notice that a large section of the town wall is cleared from other parchments. Instead, a single large parchement is pinned on the wall, with plenty of space for other parchments*

New Census

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:51 pm
by Mr. Cromwell
Citizens of Trollsbane and whomever else it may concern,

The City of Trollsbane has made a new census of active citizens, based on the voter-lists and recent citizenship-requests. Any citizens who do not appear on the census should contact the administration as soon as possible.

Achae Eanstray
Aeridor Isthil
Aldan Vian
Amadi Yusuf Randal
Artimer Fault
Ashayen Cromwell
Ayla To'lorn
Christopher Rigden
Dantagon Marescot
Decius Gavros
Dellakim Thornbrae
Earas Suvin
Edward Cromwell
Fayne Furnir
Fianna Heneghan
Frederick Hawkmoon
Garon Goldhand
Graham Zandalor
Henrik Suvin
Hooshmand al'Hooshyar
James Faros
Jens Felldrus
Jonathan Cain
Jonathan Smith
Joxia Doral
Julia da Silva
Julius Rothman
Justin Nickov Thyme
Leonarde Quentin Amadeus de la Brousseborgne
Liam Heneghan
Maeglin Telemmaite
Mairae Auvria
Roland Ross
Rolfe Yeoman
Roy Rothman
Ryan Grey
Silas Farron
Sssari Trisska
Thomas Rothman

His highness,
Lord Edward Cromwell
Governor of Trollsbane

Salary increase for the Guard

Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:00 am
by Mr. Cromwell
Citizens of Trollsbane, Members of the Guard and Prospective Recruits,

I am pleased to announce that from this month onwards, the guard shall receive increased salary as recommended by former Captain Altrix. All active guardsmen may request their salaries from Captain Smith.

The increased salary is written in bold. All sums are silver coins per dwarven month:
Captain 20 -> 25
Lieutenants 17 -> 22
Guards 15 -> 20
Recruits 5 -> 10

The administration will also begin to purchase equipment and material for the town guard within the following days. Furthermore, some additional future benefits are planned to make guard service more attractive option.

Lord Edward Cromwell
The Governor

Strengthening the Guard

Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 2:04 pm
by Mr. Cromwell
Citizens of Trollsbane, Members of the Guard

In my capacity as the governor of Trollsbane, I have decided to strengthen the guard through hiring mercenaries to assist it. It is my pleasure to announce, that the city has signed a contract with the Grovestrider Mercenaries which will greatly bolster the ranks of the guard in such turbulent times. The Mercenaries will work under the command of the Trollsbane administration and the Captain of the Guard. As the Guard proper has few men to spare on patrol duties, the Grovestriders are not only assisting the guard within the walls, but are also tasked with patrolling the countryside to enforce the laws of Trollsbane.

Lord Cromwell

Securing the borderlands

Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:28 pm
by Mr. Cromwell
Citizens, Guards and Neighbors

During the past few months, I have read and later received, multiple complaints regarding banditry to the north and south of the town. Upon strengthening the guard, I feel that it is the responsibility of the city to improve the situation by taking action against these bandits.

As the safety of Citizens and those who do their business within the town is of paramount importance to the administration of Trollsbane, the administration has seen fit to take drastic actions to remove the problem. As the guard by custom a defensive force, and as incursions against the territory would only provide temporary relief, I see it necessary to bring the bandit-infested areas under full legal authority and control of Trollsbane.

The changes go into effect immediately, and the Guard will begin patrolling the territory in order to weed out any bandit activity, to protect honest and good travelers and to enforce the law of the city. All crimes and lawlessness are thus subject to a punishment under the laws of Trollsbane from this moment onward.

The citizens ought to feel relieved: The Long arm of the law has been extended. Since bandit-free territories are in the best interest for all our neighbors, we expect not to receive any problems from them. On the contrary, we expect nothing but support from the righteous people. Disagreement implies support for the bandits.

Lord Cromwell

*Below is attached a map detailing the changes*


Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:42 pm
by Colin Smalls
A laughable attempt by the current overambitious and corrupt legislation to extend their influence over the rest of the island.

I dont support banditry, but that is preferable to the slowly creeping extension of Lord Cromwell's power. I suppose silverbrand is next? Just where do you stop this?

Cromwell is making these changes to the guard for a simple purpose-building an army and taking full control of the isle. You heard it here first.

Governor, stop this or resign.

~Colin, wandering gypsy of the northern clans.

Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 6:18 pm
by Julius

I wish to congratulate you and your administration on a move that rivals those of most of the former Governors. For too long have I sit and watched as the guard made the excuse that since the crime happened across that bridge or this bridge, they had no jurisdiction. This move will most likely not only help wipe out those that choose to make a living by preying on others, but also wipe out that excuse. Although your reign has been dormant so far, I believe this is your first step to regaining your former glory as a governor.

As for Smalls, I believe that you are a man that dislikes it when another man has power and knows how to use it. The move is clearly one that helps Trolls Bane, not one that causes wars with other factions and towns. Don't be a fool and waste our time with resign messages that hold no power.

Thank you,
Sir Julius Rothman
Knight of Kallahorn

Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 9:40 pm
by Bellringer
Yer Lordship,

I, along wi' all the poor and law-'bidin' farmin' folk o' Trollsbane, wish to thank yer fer makin' us safe once more, them bandits was a right trouble fer us yer honour. Now that we 'ave this land, we can sleep in safety. Thank yer, yer highness, we're ever grateful.

Yer loyal citezen,

Rolfe Yeoman

Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 9:53 pm
by Aldan Vian
Your lordship I Aldan Vian recruit of the guard have made it my personal goal to stop these criminals at all costs. Thank you for issuing this command the people have suffered from the bandits for far to long.

Aldan Vian

Attention! Wolves!

Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:08 pm
by Mr. Cromwell

Be vigilant! The cold winter has driven a pack of hungry wolves towards the town! The pack was dispersed by vigilant people, but there might still be lone wolves or other packs in the vincinity of the town. Be cautious.

Lord Cromwell

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:08 pm
by Dantagon Marescot

I would like for you to note that part of the area in which you have set your guards out to patrol is territory surrounding our castle. It was decided under Fooser that that area would remain neutral territory and I would appreciate if it were to stay that way. We guard the path in the copper mountains that leads from Trolls Bane to Silverbrand. I do not mind if the guards spread out that far to keep people safe, but I wish that our castle and the area surrounding remains neutral territory to Trolls Bane.

Sir Dantagon Marescot
Knight of Gobaith
Warrior of Bragon

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:19 pm
by Mr. Cromwell
How pleasant that the ‘guardians of the area’ remind us of their existence with a piece of parchment, as by measuring actions nobody would indeed remember their presence.


As nobody has bothered to write any such ‘contract’ down or even announce it, I must assume that the ‘contract’ did not really exist. Do you really think that any governor would sign away a piece of land without a written document? No. Now, do you really expect that any governor would be willing to make decisions based on nothing more than fairytales? No.

The land on which most of your castle rests on undeniably belongs to Trollsbane, why on earth would you have any fantasies about neutrality when building there? Trollsbane law applied on your building even prior to the extension of borders. Not to mention that if you would have done your part as the self-proclaimed protectors of Gobaith and the crossroads instead of focusing your efforts on bickering with other knighthoods and power-grabbing in the neighborhood.. I would not have to take such drastic measures against the bandits. You are crying over milk which you have spilled yourselves. You are doing a lousy job protecting the area. What I did was fix things, permanently.

I am not interested in taxing, regulating or limiting your freedoms as long as you are acting in obedience to the laws of Trollsbane, so this should not be a problem. If operating under the authority of written law instead of some vague knighthood “do as you feel”-code is a problem, then I suggest you take the castle with you while relocating away from Trollsbane land. I personally recommend adjusting to reality.

With friendly regards,
Lord Cromwell

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:21 pm
by Skaalib Drurr
I do believe that constitutes a 'no'.


Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 12:24 am
by Dantagon Marescot
I don't think you understand what I am saying, Cromwell. It was agreed upon under Fooser that the land is neutral, therefore not owned by Trolls Bane. I do not need documenation for something that, when looking at a map, (except for the new one which you have created) is not part of Trolls Bane. I have nothing against you temporarily extending the range of the guards, but I want you to understand that that land is ours and does not belong to Trolls Bane.

We want neutral land where we do not associate with any town in general. Fooser had agreed to that and if you want the documentation I suggest you ask him where it went. We would not have built there in the first place if it were under Trolls Bane control. We protect your eastern boarders as the Gray Haven does to your north. Would you like to keep it that way, because we would.


There is a small map placed underneither the parchment. ... 828#505828

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:18 am
by Mark Strongarm
Our castle isn't on Trollsbane land, please make the corection to your misrepresentation. Lorian wouldn't have delt with me in building it if it was on Trollsbane land. Further more, donot make claims on the workings of our knighthood since you simply have no way of knowing the extent of our efforts to keep Gobaith a safe place. I'm glad you're trying to make gobaith a safer place as we do, but you aren't acknowledging the numerous fights I've been in including one with wolf today and apprehending Cirdan for trying to burn down the town with the help of our Page Ryan and others. Squire Altrix has also fought and taken wounds trying to apprehend Wolf and his comrades just recently, and these are just a small amount of things that I've heard as many of our members do these kinds of things on a daily basis without looking for credit. So please, respect or land and our integrity and we will show the same respect to your leadership.

In good faith,

Mark Strongarm
Knight of Gobaith

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:21 pm
by Alber G
I believe that the governor has made his point quite clear, so there is absolutely no need for this kind of discussion since the act has already been passed.

In all respect,

Liam Heneghan
Chancellor of Trollsbane

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:07 pm
by abcfantasy
Regarding the land supposedly owned by the Knighthood of Gobaith and now proclaimed by Troll's Bane:

Fooser, during his reign as Governor of Troll's Bane, had acknowledged the construction of the castle and the ownership of the land by the Knights of Gobaith. The agreement was reached with the builder, and thus the plans proceeded. This may be justified by Fooser's confirmation.

Jorokar Sladrir, during his time as Governor, also acknowledged the construction and made no changes at all to the plans. The builder would not build without the Governor's permission.

Of course, now the current Governor (somewhat) reserves the right to nullify the former Governors' words and acknowledgments. Nevertheless, there should be no conflict between the two if the Castle remains under the ownership of the Knighthood, if future expansions to the building will be allowed and if the members may act against those violating the Knighthood's assets. Other than that, all members of the Knighthoods should obviously obey the laws of Troll's Bane, as they always did.

The town of Troll's Bane has always ever benefited from their alliance with the Knighthood of Gobaith. It is fit if the Governor continues to respect the alliance and treats it with fairness. The two ought to reach an agreement on the current circumstances, as well as to allow the members to aid in the safety of Troll's Bane, as they had always done in the past.

The message is left unsigned.

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:41 pm
by Lennier
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As builder i am asked by both parties to give advices.

But I will not stay for or against any of your parties. That is not my job. It would destroy my carrier if i would begin to speak in name of anyone with disadvantages for others. Somce costumers never would trust me again.

To collect the facts:

The area of the Copper Mountains was not claimed in the past. It was buffer area between Trolls Bane and Silverbrand.

Also the Knights of Gobaith did not claim the land of the Copper Mountains. They only settle there on the border of Trolls Bane.

I only can say that it was in agreement with the former Governor Fooser and with his passive support. That was a condition i made when i overtook the project. Sadly the Contract between both parties seems to be lost and was nod made public. A mistake which should be a warn for all. A guild need the support of any town to build a new settlement. By this the guild is linked to an larger organisation.

A look back in the younger history could solve to show that this condition was solved: The leader of the Knights was the last elected governor before Mister Cromwell got this position by a new election. In my eyes the Knights of Gobaith are an part of Trolls Bane. They are a political partie with own interests, a knighthood of Trolls Bane.

But thats equal now. It is your decision.

Following could happen. In my view that are your options:

The Knights of Gobaith are still part of Trolls Bane and find an arrangement with Trolls Bane itself, so that they are the eastern outpost of Trolls Bane, like a province with some influence.

The Knights are not part of Trolls Bane and do not agree with the claim of the town. That would be a break with the younger past and propably no knight would have a chance again to rule the town once more (except by invasion). In this case both parties could select between 3 sub-versions:

War between both parties to get a solution. The winner will be the ruler of the Copper Mountains.

Trolls Bane remove its claim and accept that the Copper Mountain is an autonome territory of the Knights of Gobaith.

The Knights accept that they are overuled by Trolls Bane law, without to be part of it. - A very boring solution.

Equal what happens. You decide about it. There is no right or wrong path. But it is a precedence case and will be the guide for other cases in future.

And maybe you look around for your neighbours. Goldburg is also an autonome clan inside the kingdom of Silverbrand. Laws decide about its influence.

~Lorian MacGintish
Builder of nearly everything that was forgotten~

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:10 pm
by LifeWonder
2.A. sounds quite interesting, builder.

But since we all know the Knights are pansies and farmers, they'll probably opt for peace, thinking that's the true way to Chivalry.


Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:11 pm
by Mark Strongarm
Thank you kindly Lorian for your time and insight into the discrepency.

Mister Cromwell our knighthood will have a meeting to discuss our options and I'll send you a dove along with a post here when we reach a conclusion on where to go from here. Your thoughts or suggestions on the matter are welcome as long as you give them with respect.

Hoping to have the problem resolved,
With respect,

Mark Strongarm
Knight of Gobaith

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:49 am
by Juniper Onyx
~A Correction is added to Lorian's Parchment~
To whom it may concern,

The problem now facing the knights of Gobaith has no similarity with the former Guild of Goldburg and it's relation to Silverbrand.

Problems with translations between old and new languages may have caused confusion, so allow me to set the record right.

Yes, Goldburg was an 'independent' Guild with 'neutral' Territory when established. However, the 'supporting' settlement of Silverbrand did not fully understand this 'independence' due to problems in translation. Our land was not 'taken' nor assumed to be taken as in Trollsbane's case. Our Old language brothers assumed all of the mountains were 'silverbrand' from times past. In hindsight, they were correct. Guilds do not have the manpower to claim 'land'. Only settlements are able to do that, or by their Grace, allow a Guild to 'inhabit' land. I only understood this as we expanded a farm, and discussions began.

Our respect for the 'mother' settlement and brother & sister dwarves prohibited option 2A, (War). Relocation was discussed, but where would we move? Our fellow dwarves have lived, currently live and shall always live here. There are some who seek refuge among humans, but they are not truly accepted as equals, and I cannot abide that. Even my own status as a former 'ally' of Trollsbane (Throwing away 10 Gold worth of weapons, armors and supplies in it's defense), and member of a 'human' Knighthood has been found lacking. I am not equal to a Human in their eyes, as I have realized. The two shall never mix as equals.

The only option was to negotiate a favorable condition for both sides. Silverbrand gained entry, control and ownership of Goldburg Castle, and today was given it's treasury of Gold Ingots, Gems and keys. In Return, Goldburg gained representation in the High Council, use of Silverbrand lands and facilities, as well as Silverbrands protection and good name. The Dwarves are united again, with not a drop of blood shed, and it was by Irmorom's will. There was no other logical choice, Goldburg became and always was, a part of Silverbrand.

Our situation of Goldburg is not the same as this, and please do not smear our reputation with insinuations that we could have fought, resisted or otherwise disrespect the wishes of our 'Dwarven' King, appointed by Irmorom through the former Kings of times past. There is great power in the 'divine' right of a King to rule in Irmorom's place, and great consequences to those who defy it.

The Knights may question, resist or even fight to control their land by their 'Governor', but to us, it is unthinkable. That's the difference between us, and we are not equal.

May Irmorom give you guidance, and wisdom in this, the hour of need.

~Lord Chester Copperpot
Clan of Goldburg, Kingdom of Silverbrand

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:25 pm
by Miklorius
Even the blue marked territory is now larger! Troll's Bane natural borders were always the northern border of the main Western Woods and the eastern Copper Mountains...


Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:35 pm
by Colin Smalls
Colin Smalls wrote:A laughable attempt by the current overambitious and corrupt legislation to extend their influence over the rest of the island.

I dont support banditry, but that is preferable to the slowly creeping extension of Lord Cromwell's power. I suppose silverbrand is next? Just where do you stop this?

Cromwell is making these changes to the guard for a simple purpose-building an army and taking full control of the isle. You heard it here first.

Governor, stop this or resign.

~Colin, wandering gypsy of the northern clans.
A man in a bandana pulls away a parchment, before re-attaching it below the last one, and then walking off.

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:55 pm
by Sundo Raca
*The note below is written in a rough manner, on cheap parchment, with blue ink. It is attatched to the bottom by a cloaked figure, who promptly wastes little time in turning to go once he has finished.*

Dear Governor Cromwell, and all people of Trollsbane.

Over the past few weeks, myself and my people have been springing raids on your town. Sometimes we have been successful, other times you have gained the upper hand. I dont doubt that most of you wish me dead, and have little interest in what i have to say.

The more intelligent townsfolk may see things differently, so i offer this proposal anyway. After all, is revenge worth your women and children lying awake in their beds, eyes wide as they await more chaos and destruction?

I will declare an end to the raids, at least for now, so long as you accept my terms. I feel enough chaos has been sown in your settlement for now. I am satiated.

My terms are this:

1) i wish one of our members held in your jail released. If you refuse, we will take him by force. It matters not to us, but it may matter to some innocents who get hurt in the process.

2) no organised hunting parties from your town. This means any group over the number of four (sent out by the town) hunting us will reignite the conflict, and the raids will continue again.

You are probably thinking.. 'these are simple bandits. Its only a matter of time before we wipe them out.' Think again. We grow in numbers daily, and i believe you will fail.

For our part, we will end the raids, though outside your walls my people cannot be controlled.

This is not an idle proposal.. i mean what i say. The choice is up to Lord Cromwell. If he wishes to put his citizens at risk, then so be it. I leave your fate in your hands.

Signed ~ Wolf, of the Ronagan Players.

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:42 pm
by ltgmkay
Wolf thank you for at least offering some form of truce.
Also which prisoner it helps us none if we know not whom you want...
Other than that Wolf if the governor agrees you and your ally Jeff (or I'm guessing that was him his hood fell back a little so I could recognize him while he thrusted the daggers) or rather at least just you two are outlawed for attacking a guard.


Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:22 pm
by Hans Georg Hammerwerfer
Dear Mr. Cromwell

As well as i am an active member, at least i hope so, i am applying for the job as a guard for the second time.

I was already in contact with one important person of the guard, who recommened me to get into it.

Yours sincerely,


Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:34 pm
by Alber G
*A neatly written parchament is pinned to the board.*

Citizens of Trollsbane, and others whom it may concern.

As you very well know the governor has been injured and is currently recovering in the Seahorse, and is unable to reply to any messages.

I will gladly be of help and answer any questions you might and take care of the daily things until the governor has recovered enough to be back in business.

Liam Heneghan
Chancellor of Trollsbane

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 12:06 pm
by Hans Georg Hammerwerfer
Greetings to you Mr.,

so could you manage my requests then?

Thank you,


Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:56 pm
by JonathanSmith

if you want to join the guard, please contact me.

John Smith
Captain of the Town Guard

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:09 am
by Alber G
*The note has been torn off*