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Post by Aegohl » Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:25 am


I hereby open this thread so that players can announce their downtimes, in an IC (in-character) way, and what one should be imagining their character is up to during this time.

Examples of proper use of this thread:

Slasthulphus leaves town to tend to his garden in the Western Woods for a couple of weeks. He still accepts letters.

Slaischkas dives deep into the ocean on a pilgrimage with other priestesses of Zelphia.

Moskher locks himself in his room to attend to his thaumaturgical studies. He allows no one in.

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Post by Aristeaus » Fri Sep 23, 2005 9:45 am

Rumour is the lord of Varshikar leaves not his study in these days. Spending his time working upon proclaimations and studying old laws.

Word is that letters sent to himself are still answered, and that on extreme occasions he does leave the castle.

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Post by Pocal » Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:12 pm

Brother Nymus is seen leaving Troll's Bane with a female elf, talking with her about him leaving for somewhere, and they kiss, and he leaves to the north.

A few days later he is seen having returned. He seems changed now.

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Post by Calilmal » Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:42 pm

Calilmal can be seen leaving the east gate, with tears running down her cheeks. She continues walking east.

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Post by AlaineMilan » Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:43 pm

Alaine locks her room for meditation.

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Post by Caitlin Fergus » Mon Sep 26, 2005 11:22 am

A few days ago Caitlin Fergus has been seen leaving through the west gate totally stirred up, with her son in her arms and a lot of her belongings.

Word is that she can be found in the House of the Druids now, right next to the Eldan Monastery.

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Post by Calilmal » Mon Sep 26, 2005 8:19 pm

Calilmal can be seen coming back into town, still having tears running down her cheeks. She is seen met by Shandariel.

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Post by Irania » Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:15 am

Quinasa and Irania are nowhere to be found, perhaps letters can still reach them in any case.

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Post by Saradomin_Meranwyn » Wed Sep 28, 2005 9:36 pm

You hear of two men saying they saw Saradomin Meranwyn leaving town with a pickaxe strapped to his back ...

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Post by Ziel Oden » Thu Sep 29, 2005 12:23 am

Professor Zz'Shs'Ra announces his research on the landlings has been completed. He leaves the isle to continue teaching the lizards in the Bay of Briar.


Capus is found guilty on insaity, and locked back up in jail.


Ko' Agor is banned, and makes a cave up by the dead golem Rock. Here a cave-in kills him.

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Post by Calilmal » Sat Oct 01, 2005 8:36 am

Amber Dragonheart can be seen walking off happily whistling with her axe on her shoulder.


Calilmal can be seen walking off into the east from troll's bane with nothing but a small bag.


Alica can be seen walking into the northwest forest of troll's bane with all her belongings, proclaiming herself the princess of the forest.


Hagdushnak have left for personal training


Mebririth can be seen walking off into the south with his own intentions.

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Post by Avareniah » Sat Oct 08, 2005 4:49 pm

Avareniah and Nymus are seen gathering some equipment and food from their depots and leaving through the south gate. By the amount they carry it is likely they will not be gone too long.

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Post by Pocal » Sat Oct 08, 2005 4:49 pm

Rogan Silverbeard can be seen walking to Silverbrand and goes down into the city.

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Post by Gwynnether » Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:41 am

Caitlin Fergus isn't seen much around lately. She cares for her son and for her fiancee. You hear that you can leave her a message though.


Bailey Thunnigan has been seen at the harbour. Word is that she is doing a journey to her home country.


Mairead who stayed in the seahorse for some time already because she is till, has been brought home by her mother. The illness doesn't seem to get better very soon.

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Post by Gishmel » Sun Oct 30, 2005 6:00 am

Gishmel was last seen outside the walls of Troll's Bane none know when he may return.

Gishmel has returned.

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Post by Kamik Windslasher ~ » Wed Nov 23, 2005 7:24 am

Salathe, Dei Gorgeon and Kamik Windslasher were seen leaving the Grey Refuge Castle equiped to battle towards South. They haven't returned yet.

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Post by Aragon » Wed Nov 23, 2005 9:14 am

Aragon ben Galwan can be seen praying at the malachin shrine. But noone is allowed to disturb him.

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Post by Deinarious » Wed Nov 30, 2005 5:38 am

Raina Tiwele is seen leaving the island of Gobaith on a skiff to return to her home village Kirdes on the isle of Marasad. It is unknown if she is coming back...

Goom has went into hiding, afraid that the Guards of Trollsbane will kill him for being an orc...

Kristine Chapella has apparently vanished out of thin air after the recent attack by the undead. Where she last stood there is a pile of ashes and a red hot coal...

Kiara literally swam back to the isle of Primvea after learning about a law against public nudity in Trollsbane. She finds the "cloth-wearers" to be very disturbing and perverted...

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Post by Bailey Thunnigan » Sun Dec 04, 2005 6:55 pm

One may have heard that Bailey Thunnigan left the Grey Rose castle to head westwards. Somehow she appeared pained.

She hasn't returned.

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Post by Lants Gaedos » Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:57 pm

One might be able to see an elf in the Vanima Woods. He is usually working on wood, not seeming to care much for the trees, while others might see him replanting the trees. The elf is making many arrows and bows, as if preparing for something.

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Post by Lennier » Sun Dec 11, 2005 9:54 pm

It`s called Lennier is fallen in the river of the Faerys Tears when he fought against Arameh in front of the castle and got a critical hit. The water transported his wounded body very quickly to the Tree Finger Bay.

He will need 2 days to arrive the coast around the lighthouse and to walk back to the castle.

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Post by Kamik Windslasher ~ » Sun Dec 11, 2005 11:12 pm

The Windslasher family can be found in Vanima - Kamik, Taylor and Devrah. They left without saying a word, so it's impossile to know if any letters will reach them.

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Post by Faladron » Mon Dec 12, 2005 7:34 pm

Faladron Furnir is in and around Trollsbane. Most of the daytime you can see him work, either gathering wood in the forrest or study scrapes in the library. If spoken to he replies brief, yet friendly and somewhat stressed. He is saying he's trying to build some things worthy to his name with a chuckle if he's got some spare time.

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Post by Deinarious » Wed Dec 14, 2005 9:58 pm

Raina Tiwele, now Raina Tiwele-Quelthalas, has visited Gobaith for one last time...She left the island after walking into Trollsbane, after saying goodbye to her friends. She will not be returning, for as she said, she has a husband in her hometown, and does not want him to worry...

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Post by Silas Farron » Sat Dec 17, 2005 10:22 am

You can hear that Xalliar has withdrawn into the woods for an unknown Time, because he is tired of the war.

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Post by amorax_kaka » Sat Dec 17, 2005 5:35 pm

you hear Lutup Kraknay has gone into hiding for some time.

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Post by Japheth » Sat Dec 24, 2005 1:18 am

River Denar will spend the next few days sleeping in the inn.

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Post by Avareniah » Sat Dec 24, 2005 6:51 pm

Avareniah was seen to be making some final, long-term preparations for her remaining patients in the Grey Refuge. She sighs, muttering about Liles not being in bed as she makes her way to her depot. She removes a few empty bottles and places them in an already full bag, smiling and talking to the people she comes across. She is last seen writing a note that she places in the care of her young Falcon, Tavian and stepping into the woods without looking back.

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Post by Randolph Pintslayer » Tue Dec 27, 2005 2:46 pm

Randolph Pintslayer wurde am Hafen von Gobliath gesehn, wie er mit einem Hobbit, der als Fisk Federkiel bekannt ist, eines von Elizas Handelsschiffen zum Festland bestieg. Geruechte besagen, nur Soraja Scaramush weiss genaueres ueber seine Abreise.


Randolph Pintslayer has been seen at the harbour of Gobliath with an Hobbit known as Fisk Federkiel, going on one of Elizas Tradingships heading to the mainland. There Rumors, which saying the only one who knows why he has left, is Soraja Scaramush.

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Post by Juliet » Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:23 pm

A few women in town are spreading gossip that Juliet, in her heavy brocade dress, and with the gold pendant around her neck once more, was seen being forced onto a boat and out of the harbor. No one has seen her since, so the tales may be true.

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