Mule glitch

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Post by spgogglegirl » Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:39 am

Mule glitch

Things seem to be glitching out all around my character. I'm running with a slightly laggy internet and thus far, I've lost 2 cauldrons and a mule to glitching. Of course, because I haven't returned the mule and apparently am still counted as owning it, I cannot rent another one. Could someone help me with this please?

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Post by Athian » Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:55 am

Re: Mule glitch

Did you try saying "Return mule" even though you didn't have one with you?

Otherwise i think this might be a problem that will have to resolved by a GM or Dev. usually even if your mule vanishes the items placed in the mule depot will be there when you pick up another. What sort of glitches are you encountering exactly, it sounds like it may be more then one.

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Post by HeXiS » Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:00 am

Re: Mule glitch

Mule tips for any one reading this post now

Mules occasionally disappear but are not gone when around other mules: Test the stay, move, and follow me functions.

Also if you know your mule is "dead" and you cant get a new mule simply log out and log back in. rent a new mule.

If you are concerned about the coins? Well there's good news here too if a friend has a mule and your mule has indeed completely vanished. You can then ask your friend to let you borrow his or her mule a moment. When you try to return said mule the mule guy usually give you the coins but you keep your friend's mule thus you can now return it to your friend and you have your two silvers back..

Mule parking: mules always drop the depot to their right side. however some times you don't know where their right side is? Do a little dance before you say stay or use the move command to properly park the mule and look for any debris or items on the ground before parking. also remember the parking brake no one wants your mule rolling backwards into their brand new Mustang.

Need your things but you don't feel like having 2 mules around?: When you borrow a mule from a friend it becomes your mule and you can get your things.


* put your things into your friends mule while the friend is still "holding the reigns" if your friend leaves or you by some odd happening never see them again your stuffs be gones!

**some lesser knowing GM might tell you "you cant put things in some one else's mule.." You most certainly CAN and should not!**

In case borrowing a friend's mule does not work:
I usually just go catch 250 fish and sell them to the halfling.. Or I harvest herbs and sell those to the halfer at the hospital all very nice and easy coins though I think the best way is herb selling. It's faster any way.. And I have gone on another boring lecture.. so long and happy mule parking!

For more detailed instruction on the above mentioned Mule Tips: Seek ye out The Original Mule Guard Darius Kain. For a nice In Game Workshop lecture RP. And bring your mule.


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Post by Leon Demelii » Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:23 pm

Re: Mule glitch

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Post by Leon Demelii » Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:24 pm

Re: Mule glitch

Leon Demelii wrote:Dear Hexis
You know too much about mules

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