Survey: Why do you play enforced rpgs?

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Post by Karrock » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:31 am

Survey: Why do you play enforced rpgs?

I have created even long survey to examine reasons why current players play. I tried to close all of them from points of A to Z. I'm sure more reasons can be easily found and perhaps some of them I present should be aparted.

Please pick main reasons (any number) why do you play Illarion or other games of this genre (Enforced rpgs). Picked reasons please set from strongest to weakest. In the example:

If you consider that a very important reason(s) for you is not pointed here please describe it/them in short sentence(s) and label as @1, @2, @3... and place symbol(s) between other letters in your answer. If you consider that some points should be changed, reworked, deleted or just better explained please write this too (with argument(s) how and why those need change).
Why do you play enforced role playing games like Illarion? A. To pretend someone else/Being myself in a different world B. To meet new interesting people who can roleplay, ocassionally using mechanics C. To get stats, skills, items or such to make a shape for my char (This don't offer in such power table-rpgs, nor chat rpgs, nor forum rpgs) D. To take part in conflicts, fights, conspiracy or such based on roleplay using surrounding or mechanics E. To discover new locations, that creates interesting roleplay F. I want to roleplay but I don't have any time or possibility to play tables rpgs (or such) G. I want to roleplay, but not most of the time when I play game, this excludes me from playing table-rpgs (or such), sometimes I just want to relax H. To roleplay smalltalk of non existance topics in the real world, using somehow surrounding or mechanics I. I like player-events in the game J. Game based on constant mechanics and rules doesn't create nonsense wars between players like this happens in table rpgs (or such) often. K. I don't like other games what force me to play someone I don't like to play, I don't like to being forced to perform anything in the way game forces me (In the examples: player must solve quests to make progress in game, player must act or behaviour in specific, particular way to make progress in game) L. I want to have impact to the world by my character's behaviour M. Because of good mechanics (In other games I can't roleplay like I want even if those are enforced rpgs in opinion of their authors; in the example: those don't contain crafting); No or just a little numbers of irritating mechanics N. Game needs to have graphics, I can't play those without graphics O. I hate playing superhero, I want to play simple person (Other games don't offer this option) P. Because of system that forces characters to relax (Mindcap), that prevents powergaming and encourages roleplay; I hate skills-stats race (grind) that is common and only goal in other games Q. Because of behaviour of other players (In the examples: High level of roleplay, No Kill on Sight; No PK without reason; No cheaters; No players who are rude, mean because of OOCly reasons; etc.) R. Interesting official plots S. Once got stats (attributes) or skills I will never lose without my will T. Interesting Lore of the game U. I have influence (impact?) to the changes (I can propose something, rate proposal, become dev, etc.) V. I like current game's policy (In the example: Division to three towns) W. Good game rules that encourage roleplay X. Because of habit, custom. I don't want to start any new game of this genre because I should create a new character just from scratch and learn how works mechanics, get levels, build reputation, get to know other characters/players and what can be expected from them, or such Y. This is only game of this genre I play or I don't know any other games of this genre or I played before other game of this genre but it is shuted down Z. Other games of this genre don't launch on my computer or I don't know how to launch them, because explanation is too complicated for me &. My own reasons out of this list (Please type which)
Thanks for your answers.

20.01.2018 - New point &. My own reasons out of this list.

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Post by Drathe » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:19 am

Re: Survey: Why do you play enforced rpgs?

Sorry, but this survey is too cumbersome and is a chore to read and do. What is its purpose?

A, B, C, D, O, P

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Post by Karrock » Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:00 am

Re: Survey: Why do you play enforced rpgs?

Thanks, Drathe for you answer.

Because you made a very good question let me answer why this survey exists and why in this form.

The reason why I made this survey is to exam which points connect most players or even all of them. I think such an information would be perfect for devs in process of expanding Illarion.

I used to work before in several call centers as telephone interviewer. Most of those surveys were constructed similar. Some of them took for respondent spent even 40 minutes or more. Their construction were long and boring. Very often people canceled them before finish, refusing to further answers, disconnecting. The main reason of survey based on closed answers or like here picking the best answers is simplyfing process of analysis. In between reasons is that just researchers don't dream up what author of opened statement had in mind (in opened survey where respondent just speak and interviewer has to type all) , but they get chosen answers. I strongly agree that is tiring to read it (even several times). By the phone or by a special computer program this would look different, but forum doesn't support by any tool making it easier.

There are also two opened surveys, and one half-opened survey, so I thought that making another similar surveys is not necessary.


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Post by Lia » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:27 am

Re: Survey: Why do you play enforced rpgs?

Why do you play enforced role playing games like Illarion?

Explain what you mean by enforced.

For me, there is only RPG, or games that call themselves RPG but in which it is only about reaching the highest level and being the best and strongest.
And that has nothing to do with real RPG for me.

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Post by Q-wert » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:44 pm

Re: Survey: Why do you play enforced rpgs?

Would it be possible for this to be put in a more accessible format, like a free web-survey or the forum-based poll option? This one is kind of a chore to do/read through.
Anyways, my answer:
  • X. (Habit) - I started RP-stuff with Illarion back in the day and here I know the game inside out (down to the code). Have dabbled in other shards, but always came back here out of habit.
    A. (Escapism) - I like playing my various characters.
    T. (Lore) - I find the Illarion lore (the now partially non-canon 'Old Lore') to be great. It has more thought put into it than the lore of way bigger and commercial RPGs.
No direct answer to the question, but rather: "What mechanical/balancing aspect do you like in Illarion?"
  • S. (No substantial loss) - I don't need to pg endless hours for repairing my characters skill/attributes if something bad happens to them.
    M. (Good Mechanics) - I don't need to park my characters in a dungeon/grind to level up (MC System).
I personally find table rpgs to offer way more (once you have a good group), but they are not available 24/7.

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Post by Flint Stoneside » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:26 am

Re: Survey: Why do you play enforced rpgs?

A, B, C, D, E, I, K, L, M, Q, R, T, U, W, X, Y, and my other reason for playing that is not listed.

My other reason is because of my older cousin. He played Illarion way back and I used to hang out with him and watch him play. There was so much fun IG, things happening, and always RP. I still remember when the Whose RP did you like today was created. So many players posting on it. Illarion was so active. Maggie Kemoc, Dusty Bottoms, Samantha Meryadeles, Arameh, Retlak, Nalzaxx, Devrah Lioness, Azuros, and I can name more. That was 13 years ago. That is how much of an impact this game had on me and I never once played it. There was real magic then. So when my cousin died I wanted to remember him and thought of Illarion so I started playing. It is still fun, but that magic is barely even here anymore. It is fading and will soon disappear. I do not want to see that happen because Illarion is truly unique and so much more than any other game. The secret is the player base. It is all about us. There needs to be more intrigue, betrayals, criminals, death feuds, love, losses, but overall character interaction. That is where the fun is. The real Illarion magic.

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