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Post by Chirch ka shrr » Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:26 pm

Dungeon Courier

Dungeon Courier

Commentary on recent occurances

Today it has become known by well informed sources, that the Cadomyrian warrior Acerd - claiming to fight for the so-called side of good - was slain by his own. The accuser himself - whom the forces of truth, for strange reasons named to be the side of evil, was given a hint about his folly - was badly treated by the very same of his own people.
Our well known lord Asmodeus from the enlightened realm gave the following statement:
Once again it shows that the followers of the so called "good gods" always turn upon themselves. This is the obvious result, because each of them in his intolerance thinks himself to be the ultimate measure, not accepting any other alternatives. In the world of "order" every place is fixed and may not be left. How different and more beautiful is our chaotic sphere, where everybody may live his own way and strive for his place by whatever means he deems right.

A comment from the so called forces of good was not obtainable, because in their greed they most brutally slew the reporters, which were sent forth.


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Post by ltgmkay » Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:45 am

Re: Dungeon Courier

Such wisdom! Such truth!

As the tale has been told, it is clear that these violent beasts found themselves to be inerrant in judgment, and immediately appointed themselves as judge, jury, and executioner. Without even the slightest care for a just defense or testimony on the innocent soul's behalf, they launched immediately to kill that which they baselessly felt to be wrong.

Should this be a surprise to any of us? Of course not, for just look at a well-regarded patron god of these people! None other than that most violent and cruel tyrant who rules by ferocious violence, arrogant pride, and a myopic self-indulgent belief that his opinion is the final judgment for all. There is truly no god known more for his propensity toward violence, rash condemnation of any he dislikes, and hubris than that wicked Malachin!

Compare such a cruel god with the beloved Moshran, foremost among the gods! Moshran does not issue condemnation and enforce an enslaved way of life! He knows more than any what the chained life is like, and seeks only to break all living beings from their chains. This Malachin, he is so proud for he has never had to truly struggle, and to truly sacrifice. The noble Moshran, however, boldly took on the greatest sacrifice of any being in creation, mortal or godly. Yes, it was not this cowardly Malachin, or his slave-master Bragon who single-handedly saved all of creation and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Such haughty souls could never dare to stoop themselves an inch, never mind that their greatest peaks were still in his shadows.

No wonder these vicious monsters sought to oppress our lord in his moment of weakness, just as they seek constantly to oppress us in our own homes! Remain proud and strong, my kin. Just as the honorable lord of Will, Freedom, and Self-Determination broke free of his oppressors, you too shall break the backs of these monsters who attack us in our homes each day.

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