UNCLE ORC WUBS YOO! - [Interest Check]

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Post by Devereux » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:26 pm

UNCLE ORC WUBS YOO! - [Interest Check]


Well everybody, get ready to dust off your empty character slots. Get rid of old characters, or just 'do whatcha gotta do.'

We're looking for a few good Orcs to join us in the formation of a new Tribe!
This Tribe, (especially the founding of which) will bring about many many instances for rp. (Lots, and LOTS of RP!)
There'd be a fresh faced group on the island. (Yes, there would be some change! *inhales the fresh air*)
Not to mention the beginning of the Tribe will be left like clay for us to mold as we go on until we form something concrete we all like.
Which means in the beginning everybody will have their own chance to form the beginning traditions and such that will be passed on from generation to generation within the new Tribe. Essentially these characters would be the 'first generation' Orcs.


We're looking for a few dedicated PO's who would like to take this opportunity and be a part of something new and fresh on the island.
We're looking for active players who can dedicate some of their IG time to their Orc characters.
Ambitious players, players with ideas for the Tribe and such who would like to offer ideas and suggestions of their own.
Players wanting a lil' bitta' RP. [:

We would also like you all to remember that we accept all manner of Orc. From stereotypical to the in-betweens and completely outta the norms.

If you're interested, send forum accounts Devereux or PurpleMonkeys a pm.

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