VBU - help for descriptions wanted

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Post by Enviyatar » Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:29 pm

VBU - help for descriptions wanted

My dear Illarion-players,
I need your help for the holly VBU.

I need several descriptions of chimneys, trees, statues, pillars, paintings, pennants and graves. The more you write, they more we have, they more I can use my time for other important parts of the VBU, they sooner you can play! ;)

Each of them must not longer than 250 characters. They can include whatever you can imagine. That could be how you see these items at Gobaith, or at different places at the mainland (influenced by the several races and cultures). Just take a look at our wiki and drop some lines about these places and events there. But you can keep them also general. If you use a specific place or event, please note the name of the place or event at the end of the line.

Here an example: “The painting shows a dwarf examining a ruby. Another dwarf seems to wait for an answer and waggles with a pouch.”

Have fun and thank you in advance.

PS: Please send me them via PM at my account.
PPS: A translation is very appreciated! :)
PPPS: No spam please! :P

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Post by Enviyatar » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:12 am

Re: VBU - help for descriptions wanted

Further examples:
Morbius wrote:Chimneys: The chimney towers above you on the rickety roof top, its stone worn and stained from smoke.

Trees: A single raven sits perched on the branch of a long dead tree, its greyish white bark peeling away in many places. A single caw from the bird echoes into the air as it flaps its wings restlessly.

Statues: A graven figure of a proud warrior clad in thick armour. This statue seems quite old, the man’s nose broken, his face worm and chipped.

The top half of the statue lies on its side not far from its legs. The shaped stone appears ancient, any distinguishing traces worn away long ago.

Pillars: A dark ominous pillar. A splat of crimson along its length would likely send shivers down the spine of the faint hearted.

A sturdy strong pillar carved from granted with many an ornate carving. Those familiar with dwarvern scripts would easily recognise the craftsmanship of the dwarves.

Before you stands a thick stone pillar with several large chunks broken from its length. Whatever did this would have been powerful indeed.

Paintings: Your eyes settle on the image of a proud looking man with a slight smirk tugging at his lips. His eyes are an icy blue, his hair lengthy and dark. On either cheek you see a long thin scar trailing from jaw to cheek-bone.

A young man with thick waves of long brown hair and a set of deep brown eyes stare back at you with a slight smile on his lips. He has two exotic marking on his face, one his forehead, the other his left cheek.

Graves: A simple grave stone with the following text juts out from the earth, long strands of grass sprouting from its base. ((Insert desired name/message here. ))

An older grave with a ring up mushrooms at its base catches your eye, a simple graven into the stone.

A somewhat grander grave looms in the centre of the graveyard. Upon it the statue of a demon spreading its wings while it tilts its head back in a howl is fixed to the stone tomb. The text at its base is covered in a thick layer of grime and moss.
((tank you to Morbius))

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