Pssst...interested in the VBU?

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Post by Nitram » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:34 am

Re: Pssst...interested in the VBU?

The mirroring reduces the load on the graphic card to 62.5% of the amount needed to include all directions. I think that is a reasonable limitation considering the benefits.


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Post by Kranek » Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:42 am

Re: Pssst...interested in the VBU?

Hm...ok *G*

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Post by Estralis Seborian » Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:52 am

Re: Pssst...interested in the VBU?

I'd like to comment on Korwin's comments on the last page; there are indeed little to no limits to what kind of NPCs we need. But to give you a guidance, the type of NPC we are looking for are those that give you a simple(!) quest you can solve for a reward. An example of a concrete (yet a little outdated) template can be found here: ... =1&t=29839

It is indeed a little tricky to develop a NPC without knowing what the VBU will bring; but you can be sure that you get this information if you need it to develop your 3rd or 4th NPC. As a first start, think about a quest you'd like to solve yourself, something tricky yet simple, like you get a scroll and can bring it to NPC A or B and depending on your decision, you get another quest to get... Just take a look at the documentation of the easyNPC scripting language and make creative use of it!

Flavour NPCs aren't really needed, what we need is stuff to keep players busy and to send them around, exploring the map and solving riddles/learning stuff/fight monsters/find things/... People usually start out with complex ideas and end up with nothing. I recommmend to do it vice versa: Start simple, e.g. a simple quest of a simple farmer that needs help harvesting cherries and apples, rewarding the hero with some cidre! Localisation of this NPC etc can be done later on with little to no effort. It is all about getting started AND getting things done.

So, if anybody turns out to be a skilled npc writer, there are also plenty open tasks to realise concrete quest ideas available, but I doubt it has little to no use to spread those ideas on a public board (you still want to solve those quests without too many spoilers, don't you?).

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