VBU recruitment!

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Post by Grim_banned » Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:13 pm

VBU recruitment!

Ladies and gents,

As you know, the VBU is pending, an update meant to change and bring tons of awesomness in our game, and the devs are working around the clock to give you (this includes me) this epic thing. Even if we don't post on the boards our progress, rest assured that high amounts of work are being done daily, so that we can meet the release date with success.

As you might have suspected, we are highly outnumbered by the insane amount of pending things that need to be done. So many things have been planned and are being worked on that you can't even imagine.. trust me, the VBU will blow your mind. :twisted:
However, in order for this epic release to happen on the set date (yes, there is one, don't try to guess, not telling, hehehe), we need help and who else to ask this help from if not from our dear players that know exactly what they want to see in this game, in this living world.

Therefore, take this as a recruitment post. A kind of "Uncle Illarion needs you!" hehe.
What we need:

- Programmers.
  • - Server: The server is coded in C++. The hardware runs on Debian Linux. To contribute to the development of the server, you need to have good skills in C++, and experience in the implementation of multi-threading
    - Client: The Illarion client is written in Java and makes use of the JOGL library for its graphical display. To contribute to the development of the client, you need good skills in Java or C++. Also, you have to grasp the basics of OpenGL.

  • Most action a player can invoke are controlled by scripts. These scripts are programmed in the scripting language Lua. Lua is so simple that everyone with enough interest can learn it very quickly. Scripts are also the most influential way to develop game content for Illarion, e.g. quests, magic spells or crafting processes.

- NPC/Quest writers
  • Our dear Nitram wrote a very simple npc editor program, you can afind it on the webpage. Doesn't take more than 10 minutes to learn (20 if you're high or drunk ). We want to have the VBU turn Illa into a living breathing world.. no more useless boring NPCs and crappy static quests. I am sure that anyone that has played other games and has a bit of imagination will love putting it to work here.
- Graphic artists
  • Illarion is a 2D game using rendered 3D images. I myself use 3D Studio Max, but the possibilities are limitless. I have seen so many topics regarding graphics and animation started on the Offtopic.. wouldn't you like to see your work take life in Illarion?
How do you need to be in order to be accepted:
  • - Willing to spend your free time working to improve the Illarion experience.
    - Willing to learn. I myself joined without knowing anything, just because I felt the need to aid.. I have learned a lot and I am learning still. If I did it, you can too.
    - Be open to criticism and other's ideas. The VBU has many workers, each bringing their own ideas and concepts. In order to function as a team, we need to work together
    - Be willing to keep the secrets that we shall trust you with. You will eventually learn all there is to know about the VBU. We keep it a secret because many do not want their surprise to be spoiled... what joy is there in a present that you already know what it is? :wink:

What will you gain by joining:
  • - The unique opportunity to aid in the shaping of the Illarion world. You, like the others, shall pour your ideas, concepts and personality into the game, to make it a unique experience for yourself and the other players. What bigger joy is there when playing a game, if not to play a game which you made to be perfect for you? :wink:

Please do not reply to this post, this is not open for discussions. Instead, send a PM to me and we shall discuss more, in private.

Your friendly neighbourhood noobdev and noob graphic artist,
Marius :wink:


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Post by Estralis Seborian » Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:13 am

Re: VBU recruitment!

We are still looking for helpers. There are some bottlenecks that delay the release of the VBU, especially:
  • 3D modeller and graphics artists
  • Scripters (no Lua skills needed, any programming skills will do)
  • Java programmers (aka Nitram's serfs)
If you have skills in any of the fields above, please contact vilarion or Nitram for further details.


Wir sind immernoch auf der Suche nach tatkräftiger Unterstützung. Es gibt ein paar Engstellen, die die Veröffentlichung des VBUs verhindern. Wir suchen insbesondere:
  • 3D-Modellierer und Grafiker
  • Skripter (es werden keine Lua-Kenntnisse benötigt, Erfahrung in irgendeiner Programmiersprache sind ausreichend)
  • Java-Programmierer (alias Nitrams Sklaven)
Wenn du also Expertise in einem der genannten Felder aufweißt, wende dich an vilarion oder Nitram für weitere Informationen.

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