Comparing quests

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Post by Pellandria » Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:55 pm

Comparing quests

Well I have seen a ton of quests in my illa time, a few of them where great, some of them good. many are average till good and a few bad ones.
However the newest quest seems to spurt some people to completely stop playing simply out of protest against the quest itself, now that's something I haven't seen in a while.
Just a short reminder, this post is simply comparing two of the more recent quests I have been into more or less, this is not some "booh booh quests are dumb" but simply a look at it and a possible critique at the execution and a possible outcome of those..things set in motion already.

Comparing "Mitches" Demonquests vs Current Demonquest.

Well lets get down to business and basics, I wasn't there at both "initial" attacks of the demons, I didn't see the battle that took place against the rotwormhordes of the current quest nor the attack of Mitch that lay waste to Silverbrand and Trollsbane. However I want to describe what happend and how my char took it.

The Begining:
1.Quest(Mitch): As far as I recall I got a dove from someone describing the short details of the attack...demon attacked Bane and refugees collected in Goldburg, my Char immediately rushed there to see people working hand in hand to rebuild the fortress, in a few hours we fixed the holes in the Walls, went underground to kill of the remaining enemys in silverbrand, began to roll stones and rubble away, set people to collect food and resources, Goldburg was immediately filled with live, a really great time I had there, actually as far as I got it Mitch himself was not really prepared that the chars do such a thing, after all this was just the prelude to Moshrans transformation as far as I know.
Never the less it was great to see people planning and working hand in hand, of course the dwarves were an annoyance and plans were crafted to do the best of the situation, but for once I felt almost a great atmospheric as I felt back with Darloks quest, the sudden appearance of the Demon who just kicked ass and took names was so much greater, simply because you lived in the fear that he can whipe us out any moment and yet toys with us.
Word was furthermore put out and people began to gather, of course some lame ass rp'ers claimed that bane was totally fine and a few people missed the obvious post in the rpg section.

2.Quest(current one): I actually missed the beginning here as well, but from what I have gathered till now it was just alot of people killing rotworms or something, nothign really distracting as such, later on the Demons hutned and kileld people as well and still there was no one really there to say "here we go here we are save" everyone seemed to play along with the demons as they decided what to do instead of playing with them.My char herself was viscously maimed and attacked after the invasion and from there pretty much just sits around uselessly, so of course the whole island could be rp'ing their ass off and I would miss it.
Concerning the rp boards ... just today I saw a post that a few merchants close up their doors, nothing about flys or other pests roaming the streets and as far as I know just a few black pillars set in Bane, of course I didn't check, but thats why I said its just a personal view.

The Demon(s)

1.Quest: Well the Demon was a nicely drawn piece of asshole back than, I remember when he just appeared on the roof of Goldburg like he knew we couldn't do something, thank god that he silenced that horrible bard back than, not to mention that his wounds actually sprouted scorpions..lovely. Not only that but the demon could have been taken seriously, it really seemed like he is a dangerous creature and he knows who is in charge.

2.Quest: Ahh well where do I begin, first of all..choosing a whole 8 demons to begin with is a bad idea in my eyes, the playerbase itself is far to small and..seeing half of the demons till now(actually just met 4) doesn't really seem like a good choice to me, as bigger a group gets, the harder it is to control them, this of course results in Questpowers being used, whenever the questchars like it, the obvious huge problem is all ready mentioned...even the simplest of lores was downright ignored, demons should not even dare to come near Tol Vanima, I mean that island is not only blessed, contains a former school of magic, which should have had barriers up against them, has a freaking holy forest and two altars, bot of them blessed with everlasting lightrays.
This is something that pissed me off in the fear eater quest already, some "bad" spirits should not be able to take foot on holy places and they should complettly avoid such regions or atleast show that they are weakend.
So now to the overall Demons..for me they seem rather silly..than threatening, like some pathetic bully's, who get their ego boost from kicking some other players pixled char to mush. For example the intro of bob aka miden was nice, I really liked it, but the actually fighting was..really boring, I hate crtl clicking..and people who choose crtl click over rp fights shouldn't really fall into the roll of a questplayer.

The End

1.Quest: I absolutely hated the end of the demon, it made no sense, was kicking everyones asses who thought up theories and ways to beat that demons and ignored most of the playerbase at all, I really hate to say it but for a great quest as this begun and played out it was incredibly undeserving to see that it ended this way, I actually mean the death of the demon here, not the other part of the quest.
Up to today I believe the quest was rushed to an end to get the next part of the quest going and not only the part that the demon was killed, but the "how" is another thing thats not really something I like, there simply seemed to be someone who came out of another quest and somehow had to be given something in return for playing the quest. So she got a ~item~ from a gm got told how to use it and "finished" the demon...worst...end..of
Not only was this char at that time the most undecisiv one I have yet to know, changing wildly from druid to mage to witch and to what not, I actually even believe she was not "worthy" of just killing this demon off, it should have been one of the members figthing the demon, maybe one of the dwarves, who got help from above or some of the refugees, who would have figured a way out how to beat him, or maybe the lizards who got blessed with a way out, all but just a "here you get something for free, now kick ass".

2.Quest: I actually see no end in sight, the quest involved killing or supposedly killing off people and I actually heard that someone is spreading around languages, that combined with the rather cocky nature of the demons itself I really have to ask myself if this is not some kind of apocalypse scenario, where we got a huge charwipe in the end, simply because the game is so "broken" than that suddenly nothing is worth working on, of course that would be incredibly fitting with the VBU eh....

So take this as it is, not a rant, just a honest opinion how greatly those two quests differ and something I always wanted to say, choosing so many demons was mistake, nothing else, this is not supposed to be a flame, but I am somehow afraid it will turned into such a thing. As I mentioned several times my Char as such is not able to move and relies on other people to inform her, I would see it fitting that the demons would actually write down in the forum what happend when, how and why, to keep the players informed, only informed players are able to take part in a quest, everyone else jsut plays along and thats undeserving to the work that goes in planning and executing such a quest.

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Post by Flux » Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:00 pm

Re: Comparing quests

Le sigh.

As much as I don't like to flame the troll..
Pellandria wrote:I actually missed the beginning here as well
Bye then.
I hate crtl clicking..and people who choose crtl click over rp fights shouldn't really fall into the roll of a questplayer.
Interesting that the demon that attacked you, YOU initiated the engine play, and I've seen plenty of rp with his "victims" in which the engine hasn't been used one bit.
Quest: I actually see no end in sight
That's because you sit whinging in an altar while other people are actually progressing it.

Have a nice day.

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Post by Mesha » Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:22 pm

Also, for future reference, please try to send criticism to the GM in question, and, if you do not know the GM in question, send it to me. We can either evaluate your criticism and take the good points from it, or, in this case, place it on the boards so people start a huge flamewar.

Option A is better, and Option B is likely to get your thread locked and not looked at properly.


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