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Post by Julius » Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:37 am

Athian wrote:@Julius

GTFO please and thank you. even if i did counter arguement i had something at least to contribute in my thoughts. You contributed nothing so how about keeping quiet unless you have an opinion to add. Trolls unwelcome.

might just add that since there are no other area's where such posting about nercomancy exist might as well state my opinions on it so it seems less set in stone. even if it's said it's offical in any context there really is nothing else for anyone to go by.

p.s. Have you found the door yet? please let the knob hit you firmly in the a** on the way out
Wow, someone is in a bad mood, eh? You seemed so frustrated that you rushed your post and forgot to use spell check! Yikes man, just calm down.


As for contributing to the discussion, I love the proposal?

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Post by HolyKnight » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:00 am

So until we get word from the staff I think we should discuss other options as well. The more ideas we can get the better. Here is what we got so far from reading.

-Adjustment to the numbers of LUK creatures that can be summoned.
-Taking away loot/coin drops from summoned creatures to allow more powerful creatures to be created.
-Give a call tag to each creature to specify summoning (e.g. mummy, skeleton, pig, etc...)
-DUN effect to summon multiple creatures.
-A tier for casting creatures (certain level to produce stronger creatures)
-Adding QWAN effect to LUK spells for stronger creatures
I will continue to post this so whoever from the staff decides to read this proposal does not have to sift through all the discussion.

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Post by Nitram » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:44 am


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Post by HeXiS » Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:21 pm

i can concive a complicated explaination to this "created or Transported" question

as pella said it's CONTROL youo need if you know what it takes to make a body of some kind. and in what arrangement and quantity everything should be. you can creat a body.. making it move would be the next stage it only realy needs a brain not a soul. souls make you feel not move.. if a person dies. can you not attach machines to make the body live? the mind may not work but still things happen with in.. i've never been in a comma but it is my personal belife that they occur when the soul takes a vacation.. if the brain and every thing else is working the body "can" move now as to what degree would be dependent on the mages knowings witch why would you summon a chunk of meat..

in short

you are sort of transporting nearby elements and controlling them in such a way to create a being of some kind forcing it to move via magical control.. as for aggressive creatures that turn on the mage well we all know no one is perfect... so naturally things will go wrong eventually

i do hope one day we can actualy pick a target for agressive or friendly creatures to attack.. say friendlies would be good for attacking npc's and aggros would be usefull to attack player characters.. but i'd say keep them relatively weak and make it eat mana like a sumbeehc.. you know.. that or make the creature eat mana as long as it's arround..

possibly a second spell cast on the creature you summond .. not sure this is possible..

wow long post.. ok im done.. not realy but i wont shut up if i dont do it now.

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