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Thu Apr 09, 2009 4:28 pm
Topic: Downtime
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Valgor Cralner was for time not seen walking the streets untill recently he asked a single question about a rebellion when he found no real sign of it he left the east gate again . It is said he is not far from Bane still or perhaps he left the Island everynow and again one can hear clashing steel n...
Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:18 am
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Altrix Hands down best conversation I had with someone in awhile.
Fri Feb 13, 2009 9:18 am
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Chester and the fight with him was fun , trying to fight golems again with Fayne then later Fayne Julius and nora fighting the gnolls and huge wolves as well of course to the GM had a lot of fun trying to keep up with in the fog and later with Nora again and the gm that set up the nice things at the...
Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:23 am
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Nora at town square and tavern. ((so sorry but I really had to go and I haven't had to go into that much detail in a long time it cought me off guard I really hope to see your character again.))
Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:39 am
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nono it wouldnt be digging how about tlike the resurrection style thing when a spirit goes to a cross it resurrects once you step on a spot

how about if you have the map or mark in hand you step in the area and it summons it so its almost like an ambush.
Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:22 am
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I like what direction its going into with this I never thought anything I would propose would get a response at all...

I like how this is going.
Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:28 am
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I have been forgotten :cry:
To the same in Faynes post as well.
Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:03 am
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1) occupation of the island by the different country's. Non hostile npcs in all the citys and hostile npcs in other areas. 2) Drows... 3)Im thinking the noble would be the more evil one cause i think hes lookin to be all powerful . 4) Demonic.... hmm actually i think both cause it should be a huge s...
Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:23 am
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To the tavern!!!!!
Fayne , Sssari , Dantagon,Olive, Ayla, Amaria , Shanrok , Julius , and everyone else who came in

was a fricken blast .
I just have to make sure Valgor goes back to serious business Valgor tomorrow
Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:57 am
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Wasnt going for anything Grand just so you know just yah little mini things.

There is by far more then enough players to do this without Gms but it would be a little fun to go on hunts for dangerous creatures that offer more challenge then their normal brethren.
Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:14 am
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Hunting Marks

I do not know if this has been asked and Im to lazy to go look . But I had an idea of making hunting marks by which i mean Random creatures or foes that how up in areas that a player or group of players could go and get rid of. example for newer players or less trained ones a Rumor could start that ...
Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:12 am
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Ehem to whom rp was good I say to the following. Jonathan Cain For that seemingly long fight at he east gate. Lady Fayne Furnir For of course another day of good rp . Amaria for also making the rp with Fayne enjoyable. Wrath , altrix , artimer , pella , Jon , Aidin , Ross, and Shanrok, at Elizas. To...
Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:39 am
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If not to serve the baroness then what is my point?
It was fun rp at least.

Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:07 am
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I enjoyed he rp with Fayne , Olive , "Fang" , Orian , "Whisper " ((i think))
and the Lich ((you know)) in the crypts.
Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:05 am
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Yes thank you was very fun in the crypts .
Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:25 am
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Though I have just arrived and know little of the area I Valgor Cralner Wish to place my blade and shield beside yours to aid this island in protection and honor. I wish to Talk to the Leader of the order or a Knight of high standings and knowledge so that I my better understand the land and this kn...

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