[Galmair] 8th auction of the house Robberhauf el Luastelay


he trading house Robberhauf el Luastelay invites everybody to an auction into the Winged Saw.
Amongst others the following items will be auctioned in a free order:
-Two set of clothes in coordinated colors. One for the male the other for the female.
-Two sets of coordinated jewelry
-A book: A Halfling's Guide to Eating Right
-A dragon egg
-A perfect Drow helmet
-Impossible treasure maps
-Festivity cracker
-A set of 5 pure elements
-Moderate magic amethyst
-Diverse food
-A bag with all known herbs
-10 merinium ingots
-10 silk
And much more

If anybody want to bid but cannot take part personally, a blind offer is possible. I is accepted, if it is more than 10% over the highest public bid.
Bids less than 3% over the current highest bid can be ignored by the auctioneer.
((Start time 21:00 MESZ / CEST))

Start time of the quest:
10th Irmas 52 - 3:00 pm (19. August 2017 09:00 pm)
Status of the quest:
Quest ended
Kind of the quest:
Player quest
Quest is planned by: