[Cadomyr] Combat Training and Mass to Malachin

With the increased activity around Letma it seems pertinent to continue to strengthen the realm through training. Therefore, I shall hold another combat training on the 4th of Malas at 9 am, ((April 25th at 9pm est//April 26 at 3am GMT+2)). Before training begins, I would like to hold a short mass for Malachin, so that we may honor him not only with our skills, but with our words. Everyone, even non-fighters, are welcomed to speak, or sing, words to honor Malachin on his month before the training begins. Once again, this practice is open to all people regardless of rank and from all towns.

In service to the realm,
Sir Dantagon Marescot
Knight of Cadomyr

Start time of the quest:
04th Malas 51 - 09:00 am (26. April 2017 03:00 am)
Status of the quest:
Quest ended
Kind of the quest:
Player quest
Quest is planned by: