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o the ignorant, Halflings look like the children of humans and indeed their appearance is similar to them. The most significant difference besides their small height are their big and hairy feet, which they proudly present in public as they avoid wearing any kind of footwear. They also tend live longer than humans.

Halflings prefer to live in areas dominated by hills and thin forests, where they dig their homes into the earth. Over the generations these caverns can obtain quite a respectable size, filled with lots of furniture and other items as Halflings feel that everythign might have a use, and don't throw anything away. There are actually some who have houses similar to humans but most of the Halflings wouldn't call this comfortable. In these homes they live together in big family clans led by a clan chief. This is a honourary title rather than an actual position of power. The function of this position can be described as organising feasts and festivals and especially keeping a well stocked pantry as Halflings tend to show up for dinner uninvited and deem it improper if they have to leave with an empty stomach. Malicious tongues say that three things are most important for Halflings. That would be breakfast, lunch and dinner! They take a serious interest in any kind of food or beverage and are said to have a notorious sweet tooth. It may be the case that a Halfling will explain at great length, the best way to cook a piece of beef, while in the middle of a battle. No wonder many taverns boast themselves on having a Halfling as their cook and especially young Halflings favour Adron over the rest of the pantheon.


alflings prefer to earn a living from the earth. There are actually some who got well known for their mastery in a handicraft but in general they are gifted farmers, hunters and herbalists. Quite often small shrines dedicated to Oldra can be found in areas inhabited by Halflings to protect the crop. And the harvest festival solemnised in autumn is the biggest celebration throughout the year. Through this life in nature they have developed a natural talent to move unheard and be quite nimble and even though not many Halflings would admit it, some have put these talents to good use as a thief and cutpurse. Therefore it is well advised to keep an eye on your belongings when there is a Halfling around with the emblem of Ronagan around the neck.


alflings have in general a very easy approach to life. Unlike the elves, dwarves and humans they seldom worry about the future and it’s outcome. They are very restful to be with, preferring a chat about relatives and friends over high politics. They also do not have a sense for ranks but value highly the importance of family and friends and loving care for their children. This is reflected by the structure of their society. They lack an overall political structure and a sense of unity. Nevertheless they prefer to live in loose communities dominated by their race even though mixed settlements with humans are sometimes heard of.


his denial of a unified race has in the past led to foreign rule, once by the Orcs and Humans respectively. Even though the rule of the Humans was by far less harsh than that of the Orcs still both times the hardship brought upon the Halflings was great and only under these two circumstances were they willing to lay down their reluctance to accept a unitary leadership. Their childlike appearance may be mistaken as being defenceless and as the saying goes, it is easier to move a mountain than to anger a Halfling (as long as you do not take away his food, you might add), but as soon as determination has entered the stubborn head of a Halfling you would not like to stand in his way. This both the Orcs and the Humans have learned the hard way as the uprising of the Halflings had shaken their societies to the core.

Magic isn't their prime talent. It might be the case that there are some Halflings tempting the arts of magic but it is highly recommended not to stand so close as a spell or two might have unwanted effets.