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he lands are in turmoil. The War of the Gems has shaken the realms to their core. Refugees flock to the bastions of the land Illarion that were spared from the hardships of the past. Six gems of power were given to the Lords of these bastions for safekeeping; but jealousy, betrayal and envy are the ever present scourges in the constant struggle for power. Noble Cadomyr, wealthy Galmair or wise Runewick - whose side will you join?


llarion is a free open source MMORPG that focuses on true role playing. All of the characters that you will encounter during your time here are living, breathing inhabitants of this mysterious world. Each character has their own past, goals, flaws, strengths and personality. Experience glorious adventures as a noble knight or live the life of a hardworking craftsman, acquisitive merchant, or charismatic priest of the gods. The decisions that you make while playing Illarion will actually impact and shape the world around you. Your actions will determine the events that will one day fill the pages of Illarion's history books.

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Merry Christmas

Illarion wishes a peaceful and merry Christmas to all players, developers, other staff members, and supporters, as well as trusted companions.

written by Djironnyma on 24. December 2017 09:32 pm


Update November 2017

Dear players,

Today, we release another update for the game content. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • A new inline tutorial is added after the tutorial island.
  • All crafting teachers issue coherent quests now.
  • Attribute presets for character creation were reworked.
  • Start packages (items, skills) are now sorted correctly during character creation.
  • In case a two handed item breaks on death, no "occupied" sign remains.
  • Players that die lose some common items (not gemmed, no special description, not rare) from their bag if other players are close by.
  • Walking speed over bridges was raised.
  • A new level 7 drow, Drow Matriarch, has been added to the drow level of Akaltut's Chambers.
  • A new NPC Aelfinn can be found in the desert with a quest.
  • You can add text to an already written parchment as long as there is enough space.
  • Texts on parchments and details of items in belt are not shown if you examine a character.
  • Names of special items are shown if you examine a character.
  • Repairing items at the repair NPC has a chance the item quality decreases.
  • Players can repair items. There is a chance the item quality can be restored if previously decreased.
  • You get a warning, if your character equips a weapon where your parry level is not sufficient to use it for parry properly.
  • Fixed a bug where one could lose the reward of the Dicker quest direct after the quest.
  • GM can place treasure chests that may need more than one person to open.
  • Newbies get some advantages (reduced teleporter cost, no drop of items on death, faster resurrection after death, reduced damage to tools, weapons and armour).
  • Planes can be gemmed.
  • There is an additional reward for larger parties at the end of the Salavesh, Alkatut and Volcano dungeons.
  • Monsters from GM spawns cannot be lured away anymore. If the monster is too far away from the spawnpoint it is returned on its own if no players are in sight.
  • Elesil Daelwon sends characters on patrol.
  • There is information on new player help where the new player is and how long he/she already played.
  • If there are already multiple players next to a new player further helpers cannot come.
  • You get only latent magic gems from your town for your monthly tax.
  • The poisoned carrots in the rat dungeons are integrated in the rat quest.
  • A haidresser offers her services in the Hemp Necktie Inn.
  • In a little fox den cubs can be fed.
  • Weakened lich will now turn into normal lich again, when not killed quickly enough.
  • Lich were removed from the possible arena monsters.
  • Magic bonus was implemented. Jewellery and clothes which are not armour parts (e.g. robes or wizard hats) give a magic bonus. It increases the attack strength of wand magic. Also, it protects against it! Armours no longer add protection against wand magic! Get some nice rings or similar instead. Rule of the thumb: The more expensive the jewellery/clothes are, the more magic bonus it grants. The defense aspect is only active against players at the moment, not against monsters.

Find the detailed update information on Mantis!

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written by Estralis on 13. November 2017 10:26 pm


Open chat with the Illarion Team

Dear players,

from 5th October 2017 on, we'll have a weekly open chat with the Illarion Team. The chat shall start at 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT.

There is no agenda to the chat. So you can address your questions and ideas to the team without hesitation.


written by Estralis on 30. October 2017 04:22 pm


Quests and Events

Announced Events

[Cadomyr] Gathering of the House of the Sea Serpent Player Quest Quest is planned
20. April 2018 08:00 pm
[Cadomyr] Arms Practice Player Quest Quest is planned
20. April 2018 09:00 pm
[Galmair] Big treasure hunt with Don's personal guard Player Quest Quest is planned
21. April 2018 09:00 pm
[Runewick] Citizens meeting Player Quest Quest is planned
08. May 2018 08:00 pm
[Runewick] Lessons in the ancient arts Player Quest Quest is planned
13. May 2018 08:00 pm