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he world is in turmoil. The Second Coming of the Elder Gods has shaken the realms to their core. Refugees flock to the bastions of the land Illarion that were spared from the hardships of the past. Six gems of power were given to the Lords of these bastions for safekeeping; but jealousy, betrayal and envy are the ever present scourges in the constant struggle for power. Noble Cadomyr, wealthy Galmair or wise Runewick - whose side will you join?

Illarion is a free open source MMORPG that focuses on true role playing. All of the characters that you will encounter during your time here are living, breathing inhabitants of this mysterious world. Each character has their own past, goals, flaws, strengths and personality. Experience glorious adventures as a noble knight or live the life of a hardworking craftsman, acquisitive merchant, or charismatic priest of the gods.

Illarion combines a high fantasy setting with a persistent game world. The decisions that you make while playing Illarion will actually impact and shape the world around you. Your actions will determine the events that will one day fill the pages of Illarion's history books. You won't be able to resist the magic of this world.

Illarion - What role will you play?



Client, Server and Content Update


It is time again for a new update.

Game content

  • The prices of copper and silver ore as well as ingots were changed.
  • Made teleport books more reliable at the edge of the map, as well as scripted monster spawns.
  • Minor map and quest marker bugs were fixed.
  • A proper warp down was added by the ladder outside the Cadomyr Civil Hall.
  • Orange juice was added, elderberry pie was added, and a few food items received an updated graphic.
  • Fishing shoals were moved to designated fishing Hot Spots. A primary fishing shoal area in Runewick, a secondary fishing shoal area in Galmair, and six smaller fishing spots in the wild.

Client and Server

  • Many new and fixed graphics
  • Small bug fixes related to movement
  • Tooltips in the trading dialogs
  • Naming of characters is possible again
    Simply click twice on the target character to open the naming dialog.
  • It's possible to throw items on the same tile as another character.
  • Overburdened messages are shown in the chat log again.

These are the highlights of this update.

Besides that many small problems were fixed and minor improvements were implemented.

Have fun in Illarion!

written by Nitram on 16. September 2014 11:09 pm


Client Update to Version


It's been a long time since the last update and I'd like to release a small update now.

The update contains a bug fix in the option dialog. The controls now properly display their status after the tabs get switched.
Furthermore the problem that another character freezes in the running animation should be resolved. Those characters are now properly reset to the standing animation.

The last thing handled is the problem in the new movement system. The system shouldn't lock up anymore in case your character get reset because the target tile is already taken by another character.

Have fun

written by Nitram on 31. August 2014 03:57 pm


Big Update

Dear players,

Today, we have a big update for you. Have fun!


  • Recreation of walking and running from scratch.
  • Item containers now show the title and the description properly.
  • Improved line of sight calculation.
  • Diagonal animations were improved.
  • Some new and replaced item graphics and new monsters. Have fun discovering them.
  • Light sources in the belt slots now also illuminate the surroundings of the character.


  • Fundamental internal improvements, mainly to prepare various upcoming features.
  • Changes required for the new movement.
  • Changes required for the item container title text.

Game content:

  • Various map bugs have been fixed.
  • The new route from Galmair to Hemp Necktie Inn is finalized.
  • Some quest bugs have been fixed.
  • The North Coast was given a more natural look.
  • Cadomyr's Finesmith vendor has been given a table, displaying his wares.
  • Marker stones have been added to the three Cistern dungeons and the Spider Cave.
  • Mapping issue resolved that allowed Galmair's back alley NPC to disappear at times from a player's sight.
  • NPC Viola Baywillow has been edited
  • Cadomyr Town Management tool has been moved.
  • Tailoring NPCs will sell but not buy leather bags.
  • Alchemy teacher's tables receive contents.
  • The map of Igruks mountain, mountain south of the Hemp Necktie, has been modified to make smaller shadows.
  • Empty tanning stretchers are removed from game map.
  • Explorer Guild rewards have been rebalanced and reward items given better qualities.
  • Seating at the Hemp Necktie Inn was rearranged to allow private conversations.
  • Akaltut's Chamber Dungeon (aka Drow Cave), has been closed off while the dungeon undergoes a total makeover.
  • The walking costs for each tile were redone from scratch.
  • Labeling bags and bottles was improved.
  • The attribute tool tips during character creation were improved.
  • In the morning dew, deer were spotted in the glades...
  • Various typos were corrected.
  • Something new was added to Gorgophone's Nest Dungeon.
  • New food items were introduced.
  • Add book: Slimes: A brief history, by Ufedhin
  • You can now use the seeds wherever they are in order to sow.
  • Monsters which may appear when you are gathering resources will no longer be spawned on impassable tiles.
  • On the last of the Twin Eyes Islands in Runewick, characters being capable of alchemy can discover the heritage of a departed druid.
  • The monsters' attack types will be now properly displayed.
  • Players will be informed when they try to cut down a tree that cannot be cut down.
  • The value of eggs was increased.
written by Merung on 31. August 2014 10:15 am