The World Illarion


he lands are in turmoil. The War of the Gems has shaken the realms to their core. Refugees flock to the bastions of the land Illarion that were spared from the hardships of the past. Six gems of power were given to the Lords of these bastions for safekeeping; but jealousy, betrayal and envy are the ever present scourges in the constant struggle for power. Noble Cadomyr, wealthy Galmair or wise Runewick - whose side will you join?

Illarion is a free open source MMORPG that focuses on true role playing. All of the characters that you will encounter during your time here are living, breathing inhabitants of this mysterious world. Each character has their own past, goals, flaws, strengths and personality. Experience glorious adventures as a noble knight or live the life of a hardworking craftsman, acquisitive merchant, or charismatic priest of the gods. The decisions that you make while playing Illarion will actually impact and shape the world around you. Your actions will determine the events that will one day fill the pages of Illarion's history books.

Illarion - What role will you play?


Quests and Events

Announced Events

[Runewick] Ranger Expedition Player Quest Quest is planned
05. May 2015 09:00 pm
[Cadomyr] Arms Practice Player Quest Quest is planned
08. May 2015 08:00 pm
[Runewick] Town meeting Player Quest Quest is planned
14. May 2015 08:30 pm
[Runewick] Lessons in the ancient arts Player Quest Quest is planned
19. May 2015 08:00 pm
[ALL] Discovery of an island Official Quest Quest is planned
[ALL] THE GAMES Official Quest Quest is planned
[Galmair] Darkhole Race Official Quest Quest is planned
[Galmair] Expedition in the North Official Quest Quest is planned
Meditative circle Player Quest Quest is planned
[Runewick] Combat Training Player Quest Quest is planned



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Minor client update


Today there was another update of the client.

This update contains a couple of fixes for bugs that were reported for the last version. The fixed errors resolve problems that occur during the login into the game.

Have fun in Illarion!

written by Nitram on 27. April 2015 01:10 pm


Update of the client, the maps and the game content


It has been too long since the last update. But that does not mean that we stood idle.

The client got a lot of bug fixes that were reported to Mantis. Also the pathfinding in the client got changed to hopefully do what you expect it to do.

The changes done to the map and the game content as usual has a list:

  • Recipe content in Cistern Dungeons has been replaced.
  • Small ponds are now a water source and buckets and large empty bottles can be used there.
  • Hedge gate added around Galmair teleporter.
  • Guard Bre Southstar of Galmair adjusted to evict monsters beyond the hedge gate.
  • All mines in Galmair and Cadomyr had torch holders added to the walls.
  • Cadomyr's mines were widened some.
  • Range weapons will knock players back before death now.
  • Corpse Bile removed from Galmair Sewer spawn.
  • The halls of the Salavesh dungeon were widened to improve visibilty.
  • Lizard mages and Lizard Priests were given proper weapons preventing them from casting nonstop.
  • A small map adjustment was made in the Lake of Life lizard dungeon.
  • An adjustment was made so pigs no longer fall down the Lake of Life entrance.
  • Pipillo (NPC) was moved under the roof, near the Galmair gates.
  • New characters will port into marketplaces now from Noobia Island. Welcoming NPCs were moved to accommodate this change.
  • Multiple exits from Cistern dungeons have been removed and port in spots are closer to the ladders.
  • Monster magic has been changed to roughly reflect what our player magic class system will be. There are healers, damage dealers, and summoners. Some can teleport but not all. The damage and strength of the magics were also adjusted per level of the monsters.
  • Price of baked potatoes was adjusted.
  • Player will now automatically turn to door when using a key.
  • Spawns for wasps and spider queen on the Plains of Boredom were moved to keep them to the east of the new Syrita Bay Canal.
  • Barrels are not passable anymore.
  • Dyeing cannot produce more cloth than one had before.
  • The messages for coin toss games were corrected.
  • Quests and screenshots are now also shown on the start page.
  • Upon using an NPC, a selection dialog is shown with common conversation options.
  • NPCs won't react on random text anymore.

There are also some changes done to the homepage over the last weeks:

  • Some untranslated texts of the account system were translated.
  • The download page of the website was updated.
  • A Data Privacy Policy was added to the website.

We hope you like this new update. Have fun playing Illarion!

written by Nitram on 24. April 2015 06:06 pm


New Update for the Client, the Map and the Game Contents


Today there was another update of the parts of the game that are named in the title.

The Client mainly contains bug fixes of the reports that were sent to Mantis. Also movement is now automatically stopped after a teleport. This means if you use a portal or stairs you have to release the movement key or mouse button and press it again to continue moving. Also switching the attack target was sightly altered. It should work a little better now.

The game contents and the map got the following updates:

  • Made some changes needed in the Dark Hole Mine.
  • Making lamp oil now requires a new bottle.
  • Lantern inform modified.
  • Lake of Life dungeon available to roll out and will be made accessible during an upcoming quest.
  • Hints of the day modified to match new crafting distribution.
  • Using empty apple and cherry trees now starts wood cutting instead of an inform about not bearing fruits.
  • Buccaneer's Lurk modified.
  • The radius of one spawn in Akaltut's dungeon was adjusted.
  • Made a small map adjustment in the lower level of Mt. Letma.
  • When they have been attacked by archers, monsters will drop ammunition on their death again.
  • Treasures no longer disappear when player characters are too far away.

Have fun with this new update. You can discuss and ask questions regarding this update on the forum.

written by Nitram on 14. March 2015 04:17 pm