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Woodchoppers of the world, unite!

We introduced a new lumberjacking system today. Chopping down a tree and gaining wood from it is now done in two steps:

First, the tree has to be cut down, afterwards you have to chop wood from the now cut down tree. The amount of wood you gain will depend on your ability to swing your axe.

You can also influence the directin in which a cut down tree will fall. You'll surely find out how soon, and keep in mind: A tree falling on your head will cause bad headache!

However, gaining wood from the cut down stem works just like cutting down trees before.

written by martin on 02. November 2005 02:57 pm


Banner Contest

I like to invite you to our big banner contest. We are planning to promote Illarion with the next coming client update. Therefore we need a banner (468 x 60 pixels) about Illarion. Try to create one, be creative as never before. The format (jpg, png, gif, ...) is up to you. Feel free to create a static or an animated banner. Please send your banners to, but please note that by sending you banner to this email address all copyrights at the banner goes to the Illarion society. Besides the honour for the winners we are thinking about raising the character limit for them. Let you surprise.

Now you have to go to work :-)

Furthermore - for those who need more space for their creativity - I could need a 1024x768 picture about Illarion, a sort of background/promotion/desktop image - not just a client screenshot. Please send this one to
Same rules as above.

written by Alatar on 31. August 2005 08:52 pm


Two new gamemasters

The Illarion team was enlarged by two new gamemasters, Rinya and Papoitsi. They will take care of ingame affairs like quests mainly.

written by Estralis on 17. August 2005 12:56 pm


Minor server update

We just completed a minor serverupdate which only affects scripts.

A lot of changes were made concerning cooking, smithing, mining, brewing and nearly all other crafts.

If you encounter any (new) bugs don't hasitate to post them on flyspray.

We are gratefully thanking our new scripters who support the team actively.

written by martin on 01. August 2005 10:01 pm


Deletion of old chars

Due to the switch to a new hardware server we made a char wipe last May. We kept a list of your char names, so you were and are still able to use your old char name at the new server again. This list will be DELETED at the END of 2005!
Furthermore we will delete at the end of 2005 all accounts which weren't used from 07/01/2005 until 12/31/2005 to clean up the database. To avoid this, just login with one of your characters during this time.

written by Alatar on 26. July 2005 01:12 pm