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Newbie-Island and Accountsystem Update

Today there was a Update of the Accountsystem, that was the last needed part to the activation of the Newbie Island.
The Newbie Island will help from now on to give the new players of Illarion a better start into the game. While it is not completly done yet, its advanced for enougth to make the start into the Illarion for new players alot easier. The small missing parts will be added one by one later. Many thanks for creating that island to pharse, Ardian, Kadiya, Jupiter, Silberwolf, Greisling and Misjbar as well as everyone who helped testing the island.

The new Accountsystem is mainly made to make the account- and character creation and management easier and for new players easier to understand. Also the new attribute packages proposed on the Illarion Board were integrated into the system.
The Accountsystem is the next part of the single-time loginsystem that is the current main target of the homepage development and shall provide access the the game account, the forum and the mantis bugtracker with just one login.
The main control of that new user management is now visible for all players and is located in the middle of the left navigation.
Sadly there is currently no way to change the settings of your user account. But this will change within the next days.
Also is was needed to disable the applications to special races for a while. The reason for this is that the Gamemasters have currently no possibility to view or answer the applications that are created with the new account system. It will take a few weeks to fix that problem. All players who were allowed to play a special race before the update should be able to do this now too. In case someone lost the ability to do so, he shall contact me by board or by e-mail in order to fix this.

Within the next hours there will be a Update of the onlinelist and of the character profiles so these use the settings and informations of the new accountsystem.

written by Nitram on 11. September 2008 04:44 am


Account system update

In the next few days there will be a major update of the account system. This update contains a fully rewritten account system, that has some differences to the old one, of course.

One new thing for example is the handling of the age of the character. The account system doesn't store the age of a character anymore, it rather stores a birthday date. Characters who do not have this information (so currently all but mine) are automatically detected and the system will ask you to add this value.

Also the new accountsystem will solve the problem that character pictures aren't shown instandly after it got updates, because the browsers store the old picture in the cache. Furthermore it won't be possible in future to find out the ID of the character by the name of the picture.

Also the descriptions of the characters get moved from the gameserver database to the homepage database in order to decrease the load on the gameserver database.

Due to these changes of the handling of the pictures, the description and the story of the characters a full wipe of the character profiles is needed. Also all pictures will be deleted. For this reason I ask everyone who likes to keep his or her profile to store it locally in order to upload it after the update once again. Sadly there is no other way to do this. Moving the data is not possible due to the completly different types of database.

Also currently there are some character profiles that contain false encoded characters (mostly shown by black questionmarks on white ground). Those will be removed by uploading the texts again.

I can't say for sure when this update will take place. But it can't hurt to save the data a little earlier.


written by Estralis on 09. September 2008 11:31 pm


Support Membership for Illarion e.V. Society

Illarion is a game which is provided to you for no money. Nevertheless we (as a registered society) have to pay anyway for server, traffic, domains and so on.

The simplest way to cover our expenses in a predictable way is your Illarion society support membership for only 10 Euro per year. Because both sides should have a benefit, we thought about advantages for those members.

As fundamental idea we don't want to offer any ingame advantages, because this would be just a premium game account for people who are able to pay.

The following benefits are available for support members on request right now:

  • An own forwarding email address to your specified account email address (e.g.
  • Increase of the maximum character number of your account from 5 to 7
  • An own guild forum at (with group leader and moderator rights)

This list could be changed anytime (we already have more ideas), but there is no redress in law to get these benefits.

To become a member, just fill out the form and send it to us:

written by Alatar on 03. July 2008 09:55 pm


Possible Server Down

On June 18th the server might be down from 2pm to 5pm (GMT+2) due to server maintenance by our provider.

written by Alatar on 05. June 2008 08:30 pm


Possible Server Down

On May 30th the server might be down from 1am to 5am (GMT+1) due to server maintenance.

written by Vilarion on 25. May 2008 04:41 pm