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Preparing the next update


starting with the next update, Java 7 will be required for the Illarion software.

We suggest that every player who is still using Java 6 performs the update to Java 7. The new version can be downloaded from the Java Homepage for free.

In case an update from Java 6 to Java 7 is performed, we suggest to uninstall all old versions of Java before installing the new one. In case of problems, the community of Illarion will be able to help on the board and in the IRC chat.

written by Nitram on 16. November 2013 01:36 pm


Dragon's Call No. 32

New Dragon's Call

Topics this time:

  • Big wolf hunt was a big success
  • War council against Flinn
  • Use the Arena!
written by Djironnyma on 09. November 2013 10:12 pm


Server Update (0.9.1)

Dear Illarionites,

The latest server update changes the server at its very core. This should result in lag reduction, especially those with bad connections should experience an improvement.
Furthermore, a new client version, currently under development, will be able to measure and display ping times to the server.

written by Vilarion on 08. November 2013 08:43 pm


Dragons Call No. 31

New Dragons Call

Topics this time:

  • Turbulent Mas
  • Consultation day in Elos
  • Happy Festival of Lights
written by Djironnyma on 27. October 2013 07:45 pm


Server Version

The recent update enables the server to measure run-times. We can use these measures to mitigate possible lags.
Furthermore the server is now capable of naming players. Before this feature can be used, however, it needs to be implemented in the client.

written by Vilarion on 18. October 2013 05:50 am