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New client version (2.1.4)

Dear Illarionites,

we just released a new client version that contains in addition to a few bug fixes also some new functions.

First thing is a new graphical effect that is activated in case the own character is dead. This effect was implemented because it looks nice and because it tests some of the possibilities of the new graphic engine was was introduced with the client version 2.1.

Second thing is a change of the number tags of items that show the amount of items on one stack. In case the stack is larger then 999 items, the text is shown in a shorter format.

The most notable change how ever effects the mini map and the quest log. The mini map is now able to show the destinations of quests. Some quests already contain this data, others will follow with upcoming script releases. The destinations are always displayed for the currently selected quest.

written by Nitram on 06. May 2013 03:24 pm


Server Update (

Dear Illarionites,

just now we installed a server update. This update mainly serves maintenance purposes. Furthermore it resolves an issue which erroneously prevented logins in rare cases.

written by Vilarion on 04. May 2013 02:53 pm


New client version (2.1.3)

Dear Illarionites,

hoping that Vilarion will not delete this news entry as well, I'd like to inform you about a new version of the client.

In this version the aim was again to fix problems reported to Mantis. Partly the reports that were reported automatically. The most notable bug that is now gone was the inverted mouse wheel. Scrolling now works again into the correct direction.

written by Nitram on 02. May 2013 01:22 pm


Dear players.

We got a new member in our Team.
GM Skamato will work for the faction Cadomyr.


written by Arien Edhel on 01. May 2013 11:22 pm



Dear Illarionites,

due to a mistake on my end, Illarion was thrown six days into the past. This affects characters and accounts as well as forum, news and mantis.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

written by Vilarion on 30. April 2013 07:20 pm