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Announcement of the release of the VBU

Dear Illarionites,
We are happy to announce that the long-awaited "Very Big Update" will be released within the next few days. This update will affect all aspects of Illarion and you will find yourself playing almost a brand new game after it. Our developers currently work on the final details and prepare the migration of character data. The release of the VBU will result in a downtime of the game for a few days. During this time, the server, database, client and all game scripts will be updated.

In this context, we'd like to announce that a series of ingame events will accompany the release. During these events, your characters will leave the island Gobaith and enter the main land of Illarion. We are more than excited to finally present you the Illarion mainland, a new world for new adventures and epic tales. With this step, a new era will begin and the plans of the original creators, Bror, Alatar and Baldur, to leave the then-unnamed test island and enter the Illarion mainland become reality.

This means that after the update, your characters won't be able to access the depots on Gobaith anymore. This includes the mule depots. Only the inventory of your characters will be migrated to the new world. You will be able to access all depots at a place you can access from the northern skeleton forest to chose those items you want to keep in your character's inventory.

Very few items will be negatively affected by the transfer. Items stored in bags, that are stored in bags themselves have to be deleted due to technical constraints. Old treasure maps of Gobaith will, of course, not be of any use in a new world. Furthermore, magical gems will lose their effect due to massive changes to the magical gem system.

Personally, I'd like to thank all involved developers for the spent effort. When we decided to take the massive steps that were baptised "VBU" back in 2009, I doubt anyone expected this update to become so impressive. The development of Illarion will not stop with this update, the VBU is only the beginning of Illarion's future. Some game aspects such as magic will not be included in the VBU, so there will always be something new that can be released in future!

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 15. December 2012 04:18 pm


Map editor

Since today Illarion has once again a map editor. After a couple of months of development by Manitu the editor reached a usable state.

Now everyone is allowed to use this editor. In order to start it simply click here.

Bug reports and feature requests should be send to Mantis.

Thanks to Manitu for his work!

written by Nitram on 04. November 2012 06:14 pm


Events preparing the VBU

Fellow Illarionites,
as most of you might know, the Illarion developers work hard to finalise the so called "very big update (VBU)". This update affects all aspects of the game and dwarfs all past updates.

Since the release of the VBU is approaching, ingame events will take place that are related to the VBU. These events can be identified by the [VBU] tag in the quest planner. The first event is scheduled for 10/31/2012.

Have fun!

Estralis for the Story Team

written by Estralis on 30. October 2012 03:03 pm


Changes to peasantry

Fellow Illarionites,
some changes were done to peasantry. In detail, we've adjusted the way grain grows; after the final growth stage, the grain will vanish after an extended time instead of "replanting itself". In this context, the times of the growth stages were adjusted for all crops. You will find out that crops grow faster now.

The changes will become effective with the next server reload. This may take a couple of days. Please note that with the "very big update", some more changes to peasantry will come - so stay tuned!

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 07. August 2012 12:20 pm


Internet Explorer

Hello Illarionites,

For those of you that use Internet Explorer you may come across some issues with the website, mainly with regards to registering a new account and creating new characters.

If you have any problems please make sure javascript is enabled for the website and also that Internet Explorers Compatibility Mode is enabled.
There is a button on the address bar that looks like a page torn in half that you may have to click on.

If you are still having issues then join us in IRC or in the support forum.


written by Raelith on 18. July 2012 04:14 pm